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Fall Fashion 2016

Hottest Peep Toe Booties for Fall Hottest Peep Toe Booties for Fall Fall is right around the corner and while it may be hard to start thinking about buying coats and turtlenecks, peep-toe booties are easy to “fall" for now. The bootie has been evolving for years now, and as any designer and fashion expert will tell you, this year is all about the peep-toe bootie.

Long and Sexy Cardigan Sweaters for Fall and Winter The cardigan sweater has been a long time favorite for both men and women. You can find them in a variety of lengths and styles. The long cardigan is one of the single favored styles. The long cardigan is perfect to keep you warm in the cooler months of the year.

BOHO CHIC HANDBAGS Bold and Colorful Handbags for Fall and Winter A girl’s outfit is never complete until she has accessorized accordingly. Prepare yourself for fall’s roundup of handbags, with trends ranging from boho chic to jewel-tone colors to neutral styles with additional embellishments. Whatever your style, outfit or needs, there is a must-have handbag for every personality this season at every price point.

This is a very sexy mini dress featuring lace overlay, high neck, flutter sleeves, keyhole back, and finished with ruched sides Trendy Fashion Colors for Fall - Color Palettes for Fall Season The summer colors tended toward fun and bright turquoises, pinks, and greens. We are going to warm things up and tone down a bit with the fall selection. No matter what color names the designers give them, the trend this year is very much in the gold tones. Burgandy, rust, wine, camel, and dark chocolate brown.

Crinkled strapless dress Must-Have Accessories for Fall - Chic Apparel and Accessories for Fall Fall is here and for women it brings a tingling sensation because that can only mean one thing: shopping for new chic apparel and clothes accessories is in order. This is certainly not a time to scrimp because even if you want to, the collections are vibrant, fresh and irresistible.

Vintage and Retro Fashion Trends for Fall 2016 Now that the new styles are hot off the catwalk, 2016 vintage fashion trends are upon us, and it's looking good. Knowing what to vintage items to buy this year can be a task, but rewarding if you get it right. To make life easy here is a guide to key vintage looks and what to buy in 2016;

sexy makeup for fall 2016 Sexy Makeup for Fall The fall 2016 runway was awash with purple – with the focus on eye colors that ranged from soft, smoky plums to glittery, vibrant violets reminiscent of the 80’s. Especially hot this fall is a dusty shade of plum for eyes complemented by a subtle blush of pinkish lavender on the cheeks.

Fall 2016 and Winter Makeup and Beauty Trends Glamour, femininity and the strong woman look will continue to be the top beauty trends for this fall and winter.
Purple is a top color for fall and makeup colors in purple and berry will be among the most popular.

sexy makeup for fall 2016 Fall 2011 Makeup Trends - No-Eyebrows Look Shrug sweaters manage to be basic and sophisticated at the same time. Do you like simple clothes with a touch of sexy style? If you do, shop away for a shrug sweater with a hint of elegance, and in colors that will match pretty much everything in your closet.

Sexy Shrug Sweater Sexy Shrug Sweaters for Fall and Winter Shrug sweaters manage to be basic and sophisticated at the same time. Do you like simple clothes with a touch of sexy style? If you do, shop away for a shrug sweater with a hint of elegance, and in colors that will match pretty much everything in your closet.

Classic Professional Clothing for Women Women’s classic professional clothing is always going to be about the suit, first and foremost. Even before women were a part of the career force, they wore a variation on a suit during the day, especially if they were involved in some sort of function. As with their male counterparts, women have always known that to be taken seriously, you must dress the part – which isn’t to say that your personal style and flair can’t show through.

Ruffled Trench Coat Ruffled Trench Coat - Elegant and Glamorous Trench Coat A ruffled trench coat is a terrific way to add panache to any wardrobe, but it may be a bit difficult to know just how to wear one. Consider the following:
- An elegant evening out: The ruffled look is perfect for an elegant evening out on the town. These types of trench coats will go with almost all of your "date clothes" and look stylish at any fancy restaurant!

Sexy Wool Coat Sexy Wool Coats For Cold Winter Months The women’s fashion wool coat of today comes in an astounding array of various cuts and styles, so finding the perfect coat for you should be a breeze!

fall color trends Fall Color Trends - Fall Fashion Ideas for Women The richness of nature can be seen in fall fashion colors. The warm tones of autumn inspire many designers to create their lines in colors resembling nature. However, just as trends change, colors are beginning to change and designers are expanding their color palettes for fall.

Gold Trench Coat Gold Trench Coats for Women - Path to Instant Style Success Buckling up in chic women's gold trench coats is a quick path to instant style success. The trench is a classic piece that's undergone constant reinventions over the years, beginning as the basic neutral before transitioning to more daring, unexpected territories involving animal prints, bolder colors and metallic sheens. The gold interpretation of this beloved coat makes for a surprisingly versatile addition to any basic wardrobe.

Hottest Trends for Autumn and Winter 2016 As the washed-out summer disappears for good and the days start to get shorter again, it's time to splurge on a new winter wardrobe. Gladiator sandals and shorts are tucked away to the back of the closet to make way for rich winter wools and boots to keep out the cold and rain. Yet it can also be an expensive time – there's so much choice, which makes it difficult to know just what to buy. Here's a guide to the hot trends for autumn and winter 2016.

Pastel Cardigans - Chic Cardigans for Winter Months Think of cardigans and many associate these with older women and not chic style! However, this season many of the top fashion designers have used pastel coloured cardigans teamed with sheer fabric dresses and skirts for a stunning and very feminine and elegant style.

Turtleneck Wool Dress fOr Fall and Winter A wool dress is a great article of clothing to wear in the winter because it is like embracing yourself in a giant, comfy sweater! If you want something fashionable that will keep you warm while the weather is chilly outside, then you need to wear a wool dress! There is not just one style that you can choose from when it comes to finding the right dress for you, there are many different styles! Variety is always a good thing, and you can keep it that way even when you want to wear wool in a dressy matter.

Best Cardigans And Twin Sets Go long. If you're average height or tall, long cardigans are the perfect accent to T-shirts, blouses and even tanks or sleeveless button-ups. Wear a navy blue cardigan over a crisp white button-up, fitted jeans and red flats for a classic nautical look or pair long cardigans with a wide belt and cropped skinny jeans for a trendier vibe. If you're petite and don't want long women's cardigansweaters to overwhelm your frame, try a shorter version that hits at about the hip. Add a skinny belt to define your figure and wear heels so you look taller.

beautiful makeup Fall Makeup Trends For 2011 It's the fashion season for flapper looks from the roaring '20s as well as futuristic chic for a fashion-forward look. If you're ready to complement your stylish wardrobe with a fresh look in the makeup department, be sure to pick up a few beauty products with these top makeup trends for the season.

Inspired Lips Beauty Trends for Fall 2016 Cult glamour and futuristic chic are some of the leading trends on the fashion runways for Fall 2016, and you can freshen up your beauty routine with these looks from MAC Cosmetics.

Strong Shoulder Strong Shoulder Styling for Fall Shoulder emphasis is making a comeback. It seems to crop up in fashion periodically. The last time we saw strong shoulder emphasis was during the 1980s--remember the fashion looks from Dynasty? Strong shoulder were big during the 1940s too. Sometime when you're watching a movie set in WWII, look for the big-shoulder fashion, just for fun. Because petites tend to have narrow shoulders, strong-shoulder styling can be a good thing to help balance a triangle-shaped figure or add shape to a rectangle-shaped figure.

Trendy Medium Haircuts for Fall Hairstyles are personal style statements. Hair cuts are important for a person to exude confidence. Convenient length happens in medium haircuts. The length is easy to maintain and offers variety in styling. It is advisable to actually browse through pictures on haircuts and understand the required maintenance factor before you actually cut your tresses.

Autumn and Winter Trends in Jewelry Fashion The trend for jewelry this autumn and winter are simple, attractive necklaces with large vibrant pendants. Necklaces may have many different layered strands of decorated silver and gold chains, or freshwater cultured pearls in unusual shapes and sizes. Exquisite multi-colored semi-precious gemstones adorn glitzy bangles and metal cuff bracelets. Silver hoop earrings of different sizes, faceted briolette gemstones as well as layered dangling earrings are quite fashionable.

Wearable Fashion Trend for Fall 2016 - Shaped and Draped Styling Wearable fall fashion trend #1 is black. Black's a neutral color, and it can go with anything, but this fall there will be even more all-black looks than usual, which is good news for petites who like to use a monochromic approach to dressing so that they can look longer and leaner.

Sexy Legwear for Fall - Opaque Legwear Wearable fall fashion trend is opaque legwear. Opaque tights not only keep us warm on cool fall days, but they also can be used to create a longer leg line for petites, who usually have short legs. Wear opaque tights that are the same color as your shoes and skirt, and you'll look as though your legs are longer. Choose a dark color, and you'll look thinner too because dark colors recede.

Fall Fashion - Use It To Mask Your Flaws What is a flaw really? Is it a flaw when someone points it out to you? No. It's all subjective so the only kind of flaw that matters is the kind that makes you feel bad about yourself. Working out regularly, eating right, doing your hair and makeup and dressing well all help you to feel good about yourself. These steps will guide you on using that last feel-good point to mask what you don't want - or make you realize that you like it after all. Either way, the point is a confidence boost.

Fall Fashion Tips 2016 Here are a few tips and trends for Fall 2016 and 2017.
The Uptown Looks are chic with a nice price tag too: For Men, Prada is the name of the game and for a different label try Burberry London or Calvin Klein Collection for suits. For women, it is silk all the way in 3.1 Philip Lim, Ferragamo, Rochas or Chloe. Add fur and cashmere to warm it up a bit.

makeup Sexy Makeup for Fall 2016 The fall 2016 runway was awash with purple – with the focus on eye colors that ranged from soft, smoky plums to glittery, vibrant violets reminiscent of the 80’s. Especially hot this fall is a dusty shade of plum for eyes complemented by a subtle blush of pinkish lavender on the cheeks.

sexy_pirate_costume The Joy of Sexy Halloween Costumes Halloween remains a time of the year when an individual can let others see another side of their nature that they would often not let visible. The reason for this is that one could always claim “plausible denial” of one’s own nature by hiding one’s inner sentiment through wearing a specific Halloween costume. More than anything else, for a costume to have an impact one those who see it, the costume must be memorable.

sexy police officer naughty cop Sexy Costumes Sexy costumes are a wonderful way to add some zing to your sex life. Many women, though, are hesitant to indulge in them and men are even less likely to make the purchase as a gift for the bedroom. Why? There are several reasons that people are reluctant to try out sexy costumes, but the chief one is fear - fear of feeling silly, fear of being laughed at and fear of being outright rejected because of desiring to indulge our fantasies.

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