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Emotion, Love and Co-Dependency

How is it that so many people will do all kinds of things based on their emotions?

How is it that people will do stupid, illogical, or miraculous things? Because of emotion.

Emotion influences behavior more than anything else. As in 'The Secret', you can have the logic but it's often not enough to spur things on.

"You have to FEEL it." Emotion truly is a blessing and so many adults including myself have forgot the amazing power of it.

If we could harness emotion and use it to our advantage with some form of control of it's contextual use, we can accomplish a lot more.

Emotion in it's purest form is overwhelming and inspirational.

There are different forms of emotion. Jealousy, lust, love, romance, envy, hate, rage, joy, happiness, pride, sorrow, pain, bittersweet loss, etc.

what's interesting to me is that emotion is close to natural alpha character. And most happy emotions are evident in women who are not as socially conditioned.

The further someone 'develops' logically or socially, the further they will generally get away from their natural character and ability to feel emotion.

People will say that men aren't emotional. No, we actually are.

But we do show emotion in different ways, but otherwise we often go through the exact same emotions as women.

So how do you create more emotion or experience it? I'd say not to get involved in co-dependencies or open yourself up to being 'used', but rather get in touch with your natural character.

Experience the natural character of the opposite sex.

Can you create emotion? Yes, or rather more accurately, you can harness it. Producer's do it all the time, usually to add value. Marketer's have gotten really good at it, usually to influence behavior of a buying decision.

Why not take control over the use of it and start bringing the truth of it back into your life? That's what I'm doing now.

I haven't felt lonely in probably 15 years because I built up walls to protect myself from other systems and people (especially in the Army where I had to).

Now, I'm finally opening up again to feel things. I wondered how anyone could 'be happy'. Thinking positive just didn't do it for me. I couldn't fathom how people could whistle and sing because it was sunny out. Now I'm starting to realize why.

It's because of emotion. It's because of their connection to nature and their natural (biological) character.

Other than negative emotions and their behavioral byproducts, there is a bad side of emotion. When emotion is used or exploited in the wrong types of relationships.

Emotion is also closer correlated to co-dependency than independence.

This is why millions of men and women will continue to stay in relationships that are otherwise completely unbeneficial to them.

One of my friends is stuck on an X-girlfriend for the emotional 'kick' he gets out of it despite her erratic behavior. Yet it's still an emotional co-dependency of all kinds of unhealthy drama.

However, there are a few people who can experience it all. Think of Tony Robbins and you might get an idea. And don't think you have to be a millionaire to be 'happy'.

Actually, it's often the poorest people in the world that are really the happiest. Emotion is value. Go to a village in South Africa and you're entire reality could shift. You've been valuing the wrong things your whole life when perhaps you looked down upon 'poor' people.

They have the most natural character as well as the purest emotion.

Men who have independence and only operate interdependently with other people can now have all the benefits of emotion WHILE maintaining relational authority and control without co-dependencies.

This is a tremendous amount of power yet with control as well.

We have enough logic not to do something stupid yet we can bask in the pure natural flow of emotion itself.
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