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Teeth Whitening 2013

women teeth whitening 2013

Womens Teeth Whitening Home Remedies for Teeth whitening - Treatment Teeth whitening refer to the process of whitening the colour of teeth. Teeth lose its colour with age, intake of coffee, tea, smoking, sodas, and antibiotics. The mineral fluoride is also responsible for yellowing of teeth

Teeth Whitening Teeth Whitening Tips What woman hasnít heard those words? Do you hide behind the camera so you donít have to show those pearly whites - or not so whites? If you have ever been frustrated with your teeth, itís time to investigate the options for teeth whitening.
Knowing what your options are will empower you to show that pretty grin.

Whitening-teeth-before-after Professional Internal Bleaching This is a process where the bleaching product is placed within the tooth. This is only done on teeth which have been root treated, where the blood vessels and nerves have been replaced.

Professional Bleaching Professional bleaching a common form of teeth whitening, The active ingredient is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. They work by breaking down and allowing oxygen access into the enamel, this makes the tooth color more light. The treatment must be done in stages and generally takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Professional Teeth Whitening your teeth to return back to their natural color. It will not make a complete change of color but will rather lighten the current shade. Teeth can be stained on the surface via food and drinks, for example coffee, tea or red wine. Smoking can make teeth appear yellowed. As you grow older teeth can become darker naturally. Tartar or tooth decay can change the color of teeth, and staining can occur below the surface, this may be caused by micro fractures in the teeth or antibiotics.

Teeth Bleaching-Whitening Pain Did you know that some people experience teeth whitening pain after bleaching? While most people experience little discomfort or pain after their whitening treatment, others experience pain in the form of tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. Some people also report intense and intermittent "zingers" or a piercing jolt in their teeth. So what should you do to eliminate or avoid teeth whitening pain?

Teeth Whitening Problems In regards to over the counter and dental whitening products, prolonged bleaching can lead to severe irritation in the teeth and gums. Teeth whitening products make use of chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide that need to be used in the right concentration and right quantities to have the desired effects.

Innovations in Tooth Bleaching: Deep Bleaching A new bleaching technique has emerged called Deep Bleaching. The name is coined after the inventor, Rod Kurthy, a full-time practicing dentist who spent hundreds of hours in clinical testing of this technique. Rod Kurthy is also a primary clinical product tester for several major dental product manufacturers. The Deep bleach technique is so powerful, it can whiten tetracycline stained teeth and, in some occasions, even veneered teeth.

In-Office Bleaching Method To help minimize sensitivity with in-office bleaching, it's important for dentists to protect your gums and be on hand with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications prior to treatment.

Tray Bleaching Method Potassium Nitrate can help ease the sensitivity of tray bleaching. Soaking the trays in potassium nitrate for 10-30 minutes before usage can reduce sensitivity. And so can the use of a whitening toothpaste containing potassium nitrate.

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