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Sunglasses 2014–Fashion or Necessity?

One of the easiest ways to protect eyes from damage from the sun is to wear sunglasses because they protect and completely reduce the risk of eye damage. Generally sunglasses act as a safety in protecting eyes from various damages. Nowadays the sunglasses are not only used for protective purpose but youngsters are using it as fashion accessory. Sunglasses with darkened lenses are now vogue as a fashion accessory. People should make sure to wear sunglasses in bright sunlight especially between 11:00am and 4:00 pm because the ultraviolet rays are very strong and directly falls on the eyes and slowly leads to eye damage.

Most important advantages of sunglasses are that it mainly protects from ultraviolet radiation, blue light and intense light. Many people feel very comfortable especially when reading a book or newspaper in direct sunlight. The eyes even can receive more light than usual in outdoor activities like skiing, riding and flying. It is highly suggestible to wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from direct ultraviolet radiation, which can lead to the development of cataract. People should make sure to wear good pair of sunglasses when they are at outdoors because it reduces glare and improves the visibility on the road.

If eyes are not properly protected with sunglasses then three types of lights such as ultraviolet radiation, blue light, intense or bright light will cause injury to eyes. Eyes get in to high risk when they absorb UV radiation because ultraviolet rays carry more energy then visible light. UVB rays are very dangerous rays that can cause various eye diseases and also they are linked with skin cancer. If UVB AND UVA rays damage the eyes then this happens to stay over long periods of time and cannot be reversed.

Many models of sunglasses such as mirror shades, Onassis glasses, gargoyles sunglasses, spy sunglasses, smith sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses, aviators, tea shades, wayfarers, glacier glasses from popular brands have very good demand now in the market. Water sunglasses that are also known as surf sunglasses and surf goggles are mainly used in turbulent water. Many sportsperson use these sunglasses at the time of surfing, kite boarding, windsurfing, wake boarding, kayaking, water skiing and jet skiing. Choosing the right pair of eyes is always important. The most important requirement is sunglasses should be dark enough to cut out bright light while ensuring that vision in not reduced. Sunglasses with medium to dark lenses and gray, green and brown tinted lenses will filter out blue light.

People should select appropriate sunglasses from popular brands that stay longer and gives longer protection to eyes from sunrays. The most important thing that one has to do is that trying out the sunglasses before buying. People are highly recommended to use sunglasses in summer as it gives protection from dangerous ultra violet rays, reduces the burning sensation by giving a cooling effect. Every Individual should make sure to protect their eyes from damage because eyes are the most beautiful and sensitive part of the human body that helps us to see the beautiful world.
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