Fall Fashion 2015 - Use It To Mask Your Flaws

What is a flaw really? Is it a flaw when someone points it out to you? No. It's all subjective so the only kind of flaw that matters is the kind that makes you feel bad about yourself. Working out regularly, eating right, doing your hair and makeup and dressing well all help you to feel good about yourself. These steps will guide you on using that last feel-good point to mask what you don't want - or make you realize that you like it after all. Either way, the point is a confidence boost. Time to go shopping!

You would like to mask your:

1.) Short legs - Fashion inspiration: Jessica Simpson

Platform shoes are a huge trend right now and they'll make you feel like you were born 4 inches taller. You'll still be cute and petite, with just a little extra height. Try them in a subtle black shade under long trousers to give you a secret boost at work or showcase a sexy pair with this summer's shorts - your legs are the perfect length for them.

2.) Small butt - Fashion inspiration: Paris Hilton

J-Lo started the big booty trend and there is a lot of good that's come from it. Still, you should be proud of your tiny tush. It's perfect for this season's hottest piece: the high waist pant. These emphasize the hips and butt to the extreme. Just because your curves aren't jumping out doesn't mean they aren't there; these pants will show that and showcase your lean, mean look at the same time.

3.) Large butt - Fashion inspiration: Kate Winslet

Babydoll tops and dresses are and have been hot for awhile now. The fabric is most snug around your bust and beautifully skims the rest of your body. This is what to wear to be totally stylish. Plus the swish of the fabric over your curves will be a big draw. A long coat is also a perfect piece to give you a long, smooth look.

4.) Large bust - Fashion inspiration: Kim Kardashian

Mod dresses. This is a smolderingly hot emerging trend right now. The stretchy, body-conscious fabric, simple yet vibrant colors (think deep purple, navy or black) and full coverage of these dresses make them perfect for a big bust. They keep you chic and showcase your killer curves too. It's almost like they were made for your body type. Check out a mod dress with a keyhole top.

5.) Small bust - Fashion inspiration: Kate Bosworth

With "Dr. 90210" here and countless other references to breasts everywhere, it's hard not be slightly insecure if your breasts are small. If you want to increase your measurements up there, try this season's new hit: plaid. Your slight frame is perfect for this loud print. It will pump up your top and emphasize it.

Something that gives a jolt of fashion know-how to all of the above bodies: red boots. Wear them under dark, tight jeans for a sexy look that says "I'm not trying to be sexy"!