Red Shirt Dress

hot red shirt dress A shirt dress is a very versatile outfit to have in one's wardrobe as you can wear it in so many different ways. A lot of women wear an outfit with the same accessories every time they wear it. There are so many ways to change the look of any outfit, and a shirt dress is a good example. However, instead of a neutral colored one, why not get a red one? It could be any shade of red that suits your skin tone. Put the color next to your face and look at yourself in the mirror. If it makes your skin look alive, then that's the right shade. You can find them made from various materials such as cotton, silk, cotton-mix and linen.

Since a shirt dress is cut loose, it gives you plenty of opportunities to vary its look to suit the occasion. A casual look can be had by wearing it over dark brown leggings and a fitted t-shirt in the same color as the leggings. Belt in the dress with either a thin belt or a medium-sized one in red. Wear neutral colored medium height sandals and you're good to go. This is a subtle look and will play the red down a bit. If you want it to be striking, choose cream colored leggings and t-shirt. This will give emphasis to the red and make you stand out in a crowd.

shirt dress photo For the office, wear black shoes and belt to tone down the red. However, if you have a blood-red shirt dress, you have to be careful if you don't want to be noticed. Remember, bold red gets you noticed anywhere! Another option would be to tuck your dress into a black or tan skirt or pants. Yes, you've turned your dress into a shirt. That was a clever trick.

shirt dress for women photo For an evening out, wear your black peep-toe heels, carry a red clutch and put on some red lipstick. That should get you some head-turning looks and you'll be sure to enjoy the attention. If you want a subtler look, go for black shoes in a medium height heel, a black purse and a pinkish lipstick with a little heavier eye make-up.

Bring it to the beach with you and have some fun turning it into a cover-all. No need for pareos with this dress in hand. Wear it loose over your swimsuit to have a meal before sunning yourself on the deck chair. Tie a colorful scarf that has splashes of red in it around your neck or hair and you've got instant glam at the beach.

Red is wonderful color to experiment and have some fun with. It is not a color that is reserved only for the daring few. It can be worn by anyone and the trick is to choose the right shade for your skin tone. Once you've done that, you can wear it for almost any occasion. Accessorize it according to the situation and you can have any look you want. Get one today to add to your collection of outfits and wear it with confidence. Look for additional ways to wear it in magazines, online catalogs and even people walking on the street. Look at the ways it can be worn and inspire yourself.