NET MINI DRESS-Eye Catching Variant Of The Mini Dress

net mini dress Mini dresses have been in fashion since a very long time and at some point or the other, you must have worn it or thought of wearing it too. Where previously, the lines were more simple and uncomplicated, in today's world, the design has been getting bolder by the minute with the influx of different materials, cuts and designs.

A very bold and eye-catching variant of the mini dress is the one available in net fabric. Industrial net is a fabric that has a reputation for being edgy and takes a lot of guts and a sense of fashion to be flaunted. Although you might wonder where it can be worn, you just need to open your mind to the innumerable possibilities and assuredly, you will not lack in ideas.

For starters, net mini dresses can be worn over a bikini set, where different coloured ones can be paired with an underlying sexy bikini to create a wonderful contrast. All you need in confirmation of this, is the attention you will get moving around in one of these. This is especially ideal in the warm summer months, when you spend much of your time outdoors on the beach and followed soon after by an intimate gathering or an evening cocktail party. All you have to do, is just slip on the sheer net fabric and viola! You change into someone sleek and sophisticated.

sexy net mini dress For a more naughtier alternative, the netted mini dress can also be worn all by itself, to give your lover a glimpse of a sexier you. Irrespective of your shape or figure, this net fabric because of its busy look, takes the attention away all the unnecessary bulges while emphasising on streamlining and slimming the figure. It helps accentuate all your curves with a boat shaped neck line and long sensual sleeves. This one size fits most mini dress, hangs to the upper thigh and will excite anytime you slip it on.

The fine stretch mesh fabric is a gorgeous panel of fabric that mimics goal netting almost perfectly - you'll be wrapped up like the perfect score for your lover and you'll offer up a vision that he, will absolutely never forget.

This net mini dress is available with us in a variety of different colours and we can help you choose which one can be paired with the right bikini set. It comes in one size which fits SM/M sizes and will stretch to fit L bodies.