Wearable Fashion Trend for Fall 2015 - Shaped and Draped Styling

Wearable fall fashion trend #1 is black. Black's a neutral color, and it can go with anything, but this fall there will be even more all-black looks than usual, which is good news for petites who like to use a monochromic approach to dressing so that they can look longer and leaner.

Wearable fall fashion trend #2 is gray. Although black rules for fall, gray is close behind. Perhaps this dark color palette reflects a level of pessimism about the economy from fashion designers, whose businesses have suffered in 2014. However, the good news for petites is that since gray is a neutral color, it can go with any other color. So if you want to avoid too much gloom, you can pop it with red or any other bright color to avoid the winter "blahs". It also will work for monochrome dressing so that you can look taller.

Tip for petites: For sleek dressing, skip sweaters with cowls and opt for a V-neckline instead.

Wearable fall fashion trend #3 is shaped and draped styling. Beautifully draped dresses and tops in fluid fabrics emphasize shapely figures and can disguise figure flaws, so it's a "must-do" to try on these tops or dresses to make sure the shaping and draping fall in the right places to give you the desirable look of an hourglass figure. Shaped and draped dress styling works wonderfully well for eveningwear too.