How to Minimize a Big Tummy- Dresses, Tops and Jackets to Disguise a Fat Stomach

How to Minimize a Big Tummy For many women, middle age onwards often means the onset of middle-aged spread. Wising up to some style tips can help to minimize (and even flatter) the stomach area rather than draw attention to it. Think cut, shape, fabric and color.

Fashion Tips for Women with Big Stomachs

One of the best ways to disguise a big tummy is to show off the décolletage, therefore bring eyes up to the upper body and away from the problem area. A top, dress or jacket with a lower, open neckline such as a V-neck or square neck is flattering and frames the bust.


This year’s structured trend in draped dresses are a woman’s best friend when it comes to working wonders for disguising the tummy. Choose a pliable fabric such as jersey and make sure the outfit skims not clings. Alternatively an empire-line dress or the ever-faithful wrap dress in a good quality jersey fabric will serve to cinch in the waist and draw attention to the neckline and bust, giving some body-conscious curves.

Evening gowns with a plunging halter neck will give the illusion of a narrower torso. Empire-line cuts are a best friend when it comes to big bellies as the line finishes just below the bust, serving to raise the waistline. Alternatively, go asymmetric - a sexy one-shouldered Grecian gown with its gentle draping falling from below the bust is feminine and flattering.

If small busted, de-emphasize the stomach with a low-waisted dress. Whilst slinky lycra dresses may be appealing they simply serve to highlight a paunch.

Tops and Blouses

Don’t tuck in blouses. Blouson-shaped tops which sit on the hip bone will camouflage the tummy. No clingy stretch fabrics though, go for a good quality jersey or crepe. Avoid heavy fabrics like velour or thick wool too. Balance out the blousy top by keeping things slim and sleek on the bottom half. Go for straight-cut (or skinny-leg) pants or a pencil skirt.

Slender tunic-style tops which finish at the hip will also flatter, providing the fabric is neither too clingy nor chunky. Resist all urges to cover things up with baggy styles. Smock tops are a definite no no, as this will just add extra bagginess to the tummy area.

Three-quarter sleeves which end at the stomach line will draw attention to the midriff too. To show off slim arms, go for a shorter sleeve with feminine detailing, which will draw the eyes up.

Jackets and Coats

Single-breasted styles that curve into the waist are figure flattering. Choose a style that sits higher than the natural waistline, which will elongate the torso and minimize the midriff. Cropped jackets will focus attention ot the tummy too. Double-breasted coats which fasten at the stomach are the enemy as they only serve to add width, and beware the belted coat. Detailing on shoulders or lapels are a clever diversion tactic.

Flattering Colors and Patterns

Solid hues in darker, stronger colors will serve to slim. Lush jewel hues and strong colors like this season’s red and teal. Monochrome will cut a slim line as well as being chic. Avoid large patterns and detailing on the stomach area.

A simple rule is never wear anything that adds bulk to the midriff; aim to draw the eye away from the tummy area by attracting attention elsewhere. It's time to highlight the best upper body bits, whether it's bust, neck or arms.