Diamond Engagement Ring Trends For 2015

Bring on the Bling!

'The bigger the better' seems to be underlying theme when it comes to 2015 engagement ring trends, the belief being that the higher a diamond's carat weight is, the more impressive it will appear. Consequently, this year's engagement rings are all about the 'bling', as an increasing amount of young couples are opting for flashier, high carat diamond engagement rings.

However, not everyone can afford a large rock. A creative and appealing alternative to a high carat diamond ring is a three-stoned (or 'trinity') engagement ring. This year, trinity engagement rings have become even more popular than the traditional diamond solitaire ring. Trinity diamond rings can be more affordable than solitaire diamond rings, depending on the total carat weight of the incorporated diamonds. Trinity rings are commonly set with small sized precious gemstones. However, these smaller gemstones are fitted closely together in a setting which is designed to give off the appearance of a single, large gemstone.

Stylish Diamond Settings

Gypsy and bezel settings are the most popular designs used in this year's rings. These settings are considered especially practical and durable. With a bezel or gypsy setting, the diamond is mounted into the ring's band, and is held securely in place by a thin metal cradle, which is carefully worked around the diamond's girdle, or sides. As such, the diamond is protected by its surrounding metal setting, thus reducing the precious gemstone's susceptibility to possible damage.

An equally stylish and popular setting found in 2015 rings is the tension setting. Diamonds mounted into this setting are held in place through tension exerted by the band's metal edges, which grip the diamond's girdle. Since the diamond's table and culet are left exposed, an increased amount of light is free to travel through the diamond's crystalline structure, which, in turn, enhances the diamond's natural brilliance and maximizes its sparkle.

Fancy-colored Rings

This year, fancy colored diamond engagement rings are considered incredibly fashionable and unique. In the past few years, couples have preferred engagement rings set with colorless diamonds, since these gemstones were considered to be more traditional and due to the fact that fancy colored diamonds were thought to be less valuable than pure, 'white' diamonds. Nowadays, gemologists and jewelry experts have recognized the rarity and the uniqueness of fancy colored diamonds, and their potential worth. Fancy colored diamonds are now thought to be chic, unique and very valuable. Consequently, colorful gemstone rings have become an increasingly popular alternative to colorless diamond rings.

Recession-friendly Rings

Due to the recent recession, many couples have not been able to afford costly diamond engagement engagement rings are made with affordable, semi-precious materials, which significantly cut the ring's costs. Low karat or white gold have replaced more luxurious metals such as high karat gold and platinum. Since these metals are mixed with inexpensive metallic alloys such as silver, copper, iron and brass, and since they are lower in purity, they become more affordable. Also, low-cost birthstones (for instance, agate, topaz and onyx) have replaced the use of precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, in engagement rings.