Classic Fashion Tips For Women in 2019

sexy women in short sexy red dress 2019 Here are some tips to change your looks for the year. Firstly to begin with...

The O Sunglasses

Yes, they are back with reason being that you are able to wear them with just about anything and will come out looking glamorous. Whether in formals, summer shorts, jeans or gowns, these goggles from the past are here to stay.

sunglasses for women Ray Ban 2019 Here's the deal, you can look like Jackie O and go into your own fantasy world of sipping espressos on the side of a mid town café and later dance to the tune of soothing jazz while on a romantic night out. They also come in various price ranges and so make it easily accessible no matter how thick or thin your wallet happens to be.

Sunglasses in general are not all about a fashion statement of course, so with the dual purpose of protecting your eyes from the scorching sun, the windy dust and from eye make up melting away, this item of women accessory is a must.

A-line skirts 2019

Skirts in general are fun to wear, because they are as feminine as it can get and simply allow your legs to be showed off in style or just consume some fresh air. Skirts too come with a lot of purposes and contrary to popular belief that skirts make women less efficient, these skirts are just about the most professional yet sexy wear ever.

Made usually from soft wool or being in tweed, these gorgeous skirts come in a range of colors that are best suited for a classy work place without becoming too distracting. They come in black, gray and brown and with hemlines which can be both slightly above or just graze the knees, therefore providing a prim and proper presentation of the body. As mention before, they do all this with the sexy show of perfect legs. They can be worn with crisp ironed skirt or even a nice blouse along with heels, which can then turn into an outfit best for after work get together.

sexy high heels gucci 2019 black shoes These days they also come in a great range of light to heavy cotton. For a nice day ou t shopping, a long road trip where you want the wind blowing in your hair, but not really, to just another day out for a picnic, a barbeque a walk down the beach, enjoy it all without causing a bird's nest.

High heels

They sound painful and for those first timers, they are painful, but you must always keep a pair just because they say everything from beautiful legs, class, style and elegance, they are as hot as they look. Keep a simple black in mind, and since they come in all price ranges, you can pick them without worry.