Trench Coats For Women

Women Sleeveless Trench Coats Trench coats for women are a fantastically popular form of outerwear today and you can find an abundance of them on sale. Women love this style of topcoat because it's available in a style to suit every woman. You can find a trench-coat plus size, a petite model, and many others in between. These garments have been with us for a long time and some would say they have a very interesting history behind them. They were probably one of the first male coat styles that woman adopted by choice.

The ladies Burberry and the women's London Fog trench coat are still amongst the top selling brands today, which is remarkable in that they were among the very first manufacturers. In the 1960's and the early 70's dress wear including outerwear took on a whole new look. Clothing was no longer just seen as a necessity, but it was seen as a way to express oneself.

Which one to choose?

For the spring season, the trench coat, one of the trends introduced by designers, has a military look, but is very comfortable, yet feminine. Equally remarkable is the dominant color - more shades of beige, cream, coral, very close to natural skin ton.

As a novelty, the colored coats will surely make you stand out in a crowd, especially if you properly accessorize them: a funny brooch, colored beads (yes, even over a trench coat), and scarves that match your lipstick.