Women's Socks

Hot Women Knee Socks Women's socks are available in an assortment of styles, colors, fabrics and sizes. A woman may choose a particular sock based on either fashion or function. She may pick one style over the next depending on the type of shoes and outfit she has chosen. Other factors play into the decision also; such as how much walking or other activity will be done, what the climate is like and where the person will be going.

A popular type of women's socks are the dress sock. It is available in many colors with the most classic being black, navy and beige. As styles change, it is more and more likely that you will be able to find a shade to match any outfit. The dress sock is usually made of a thin and often silky fabric such as acrylic, nylon or polyester, sometimes with spandex added to help with elasticity. This style ranges from mid-calf to knee high.

Another common style in women's socks are the athletic sock. These are usually made of cotton, which helps to wick away any moisture that accumulates during activity. Moisture can cause bacteria growth, smelly feet and rubbing of the skin that leads to blisters. If you are very active, you may want to look for a sock with this moisture managing ability. This style comes in a rainbow of colors, but is oftentimes purchased in white. The no show sock is an ever increasingly popular style in the athletic world, this sock hits at about the top of the shoe just below the ankle. Other varieties that work well for female athletes are the quarter and crew, with the former hitting just above the ankle and the latter hitting about mid-calf.

Women Socks Of course, there are more women's socks available than just the dress and athletic versions. You can find a style called a toe sock that is to a foot as a glove is to a hand, each toe being encased in its own little sleeve of sorts. Then there is the argyle sock that features a distinctive diamond pattern. Another common type is the slipper sock. Meant to be worn in the home, without shoes, this sock is typically thick, warm and fuzzy. It is usually available with or without a grip style bottom, which may help prevent a fall on a slippery floor. You can find most of these styles in nearly every color. There are also many patterns available with everything from stripes to cutesy kittens.

The prices on women's socks will depend on the variety you choose. Some of the more expensive fabrics, or those with special moisture wicking capabilities, may be more expensive than a basic package from the local big box retailer. You can find special patterns and different varieties online that you may not otherwise be able to find locally. Base your choice of sock on the factor that is important to you. If you are more concerned with function, chose a material that will keep you comfortable all day. If fashion is your priority, there are plenty of options out there to suit every taste.