Mini Messenger Bags For Women

Mini Messenger Bags For Women Messenger bags are a popular style of bags used by both men and women to carry documents, their laptops, and other items in a cross-body, ergonomic fashion.

Fundamentally, messenger bags have a top flap that covers the interior bag compartment and a shoulder strap meant to be worn on the opposite shoulder (for best distribution of weight). The original messenger bag, designed and handmade in the 1950s for utility linemen, enabled linemen to easily access their tools while working on utility poles.

Mini Messenger Bags For Women In addition to the typical bag considerations (quality stitching, self-healing zippers, weather-resistant fabric, etc.), some features that separate a top-of-the-line messenger bag from others include:
Easily adjustable shoulder straps
Exterior and/or interior compartments for small items
Vinyl lining for durability and waterproofing
Thick shoulder pad for comfort
For bikers especially: cross strap for stabilization and reflectors for nighttime visibility.

De Martini is the original messenger bag, originally Globe Canvas, started by Frank DeMartini in the 1950s. De Martini still makes the original NYC bicycle courier bag, as well as mini versions, backpacks, tote bags, and accessories.

Manhattan Portage, established in 1983, created the "original New York messenger bags." Manhattan Portage turned the rugged outdoor bags used by bicycle messengers in the '70s into useful, practical accessories for DJs and, ultimately, mainstream users worldwide.

Timbuk2 is another pioneer in the messenger bag field, handmaking their messenger bags in San Francisco since 1989. They even enable you to design your own custom laptop messenger bag. Bags with Timbuk2's distinctive tri-panel design can be seen in urban locales everywhere.

Pac Designs messenger bags were first created in Toronto in 1989 by cycle messenger Pat McGibbon. Innovations in messenger bag design from Pac Designs include "D" ring adjusting, padded backs, and ballistic bottoms. The company makes professional messenger bags as well as messengers for all cyclists.

Chrome was started in Boulder, Colorodo in 1996 by a couple of guys making messenger bags in a garage using the toughest materials they could find. Today, Chrome bags is part of the San Francisco urban cycling scene, but the company is still all about utility and functionality (useless design frills never a consideration).