Lace Tights

FLOWER LACE TIGHTS When it comes to the topic of lace tights a few things come to mind. The image of these usually brings about thoughts of little girls in their Sunday dresses or even on Easter morning all dolled up with their white leggings. The complete contrast to that is separated by an age group and a color. This refers to black leggings on teens or adults that make them look sleazy. Sometimes these are even associated with women of the night. This stereotype just isn't true any more. While these times certainly still apply, the leggings with the swirly patterns are more fashionable and more accepted than they have been in the past.

Lace tights are available in the footless version as well as the footed version. The prices are a huge range difference from a mere $5 to over $150. This all comes down to the brand and the quality level of the product. If the leg wear is for a child then it is best to stick with cheaper brands for two reasons. One is that children are very hard on their clothing and it is an almost certainty that they will cause a run or tear in their leggings. The other reason is that they grow quickly and will have outgrown the pair you purchase within 6 months. If your child will be wearing them every week then you should purchase a well-known durable type. These may be found in the $20-$30 range but if you purchase them in the largest size that your child can wear and break the price down over 6 months, it's only $5 a month. You would spend the same amount on the cheap lace tights and still have the hassle of having to purchase a new pair every month.

BLACK LACE TIGHTS FOR SPRING 2015 For adults looking into the world of lace tights, it can be an eye-opening experience. There are a few tips to help keep them looking more romantic and sophisticated than trashy. The best thing to do is to wear solid colors with this particular leg wear. Not every style will look right on every person. Those with larger legs should wear more vertical patterns while those with a shorter stature can wear the larger patterns with circular designs. If you still feel as if the lace tights are overwhelming then consider wearing them with manly clothing such as a large sweater top or even jean shorts.