KNEE HIGH SOCKS FOR WOMEN Fashionable, Easy to Wear, Comfortable, Enjoyable

Knee High Socks Trendy Women Socks Knee high socks first rose in popularity around the late 1960's and early 1970's; however, the trend back then was to wear solid white or black.

They were more of an accessory than an actual fashion statement.

Today, womens knee high socks have evolved to become an integral part of a total fashion appearance. They are no longer merely go-to socks, but rather are chosen to accent a specific look.

Ladies Knee High Socks - Not just for school anymore!

Once made mostly of basic stocking materials like wool, you'll now find them in a myriad of blends of cotton, spandex, polyamides (silk is a natural polyamide and nylon is a synthetic one), metallics, and Elastane (man-made thread with elastic properties that maintains its shape after stretching).

Knee High Socks Hot Women Socks Because of the innumerable blends available today, you'll be able to get a variety of thicknesses and styles to accommodate the specific look you're going for. It's easy to see that ladies knee high socks aren't what you used to wear with your school uniform.

They go beyond the obvious purposes, such as warmth and keeping boots from sticking to your legs beneath a pair of pants.

Where can women wear knee socks and what kind of shoes go with them?

Knee socks have also been an important part of sports uniforms, but imagine wearing a pair of bold, fun, colorfully-striped knee high socks with a pair of walking shorts and flat shoes when you go out to the park with the children.

For work, you can choose to wear a creatively patterned pair of knee high socks with a modest skirt and kitten heels. Then for a night out with friends, you can change into that little, black dress, a pair of high heels, and a matching pair of nylon, lacey knee high socks.

Stirrup knee socks from earlier decades have been updated and brought into the twenty-first century with new colors and styles for an exciting, fresh look.

Wear them with a pair of heels in a matching color for a bold statement. Hot Megan Fox with Knee High Socks 2016 pictures

Aren't womens knee high socks too hot to wear year 'round

Knee high socks allow you to dress well, yet keep warm all day long when the weather turns cold, but besides opaque, you'll also find them in various levels of translucency. During the warm summer months, you can still enjoy the style they afford, but without the added warmth of thicker socks.

These give a more feminine look to your wardrobe and can be worn with an array of clothing from pants to suits.

Hot Girl with Knee High Socks 2016 pictures

Can knee socks actually lift a woman's mood?

Whether you're feeling bold or shy, dainty or ordinary, there's something about wearing a fun pair of women's knee socks as a fashion statement that boosts your mood.

With very little effort, you can step out in confidence, knowing you look good and put-together.

Women pay a lot of money for wardrobe accessories, but knee socks are inexpensive and add just as much personality to your outfits. They hug your calves and feel luxurious with each step you take. They are fashionable, easy to wear, comfortable, and enjoyable. With such an array of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, ladies knee high socks may soon become a fashion staple in your wardrobe.

Some may argue that wearing knee-high socks with heels may seem like a “young” trend- reminding us of a school-girl’s uniform. I disagree. Choose neutral color palettes in your dress, sock and heel to prevent the “school-girl” label on the trend.

I fear that with someone of shorter stature, wearing knee-high socks and heels could look sloppy, and overpowering. At times, this may be the case. This shouldn’t, however, discourage more petite women from trying this style. If you are a little shorter:

Choose a knee-high sock just below the knee. If this isn’t possible, scrunch the sock. this creates a more Bohemian look.
Make sure your heel isn’t too large or chunky. Find a petite shoe for a petite frame.
Make sure your skirt is not too long. Long skirts seem to over-wear smaller, more petite women. I am NOT suggesting a mini skirt, just a length in between knee-length and the mini.

With the right skirt or dress (obviously cut above the knee), this mixed-match trend could appear fresh and carefree. (This trend would also look great with a shorter trench and large hand bag). Play with colors, styles, and unique heels. This could turn out to be a new Spring favorite this year!