Summer Sandals 2019 and Why You'll Love the Wedge

2019 Summer Sandals Spring and summer footwear brings a whole new dimension to your wardrobe. It's time to say goodbye to socks and leggings and hello bare feet and pedicured toes. With flip flips, flat sandals, and wedges filling your favorite shoe store it's hard not to spend a weeks paycheck on your feet. This season, wedges are all the rage and thats a good thing. These sassy sandals are great for everything from special occasions to a night out on the town. While those sexy stilettos were fun and took you everywhere you needed to go, this is the summer of the wedge and it couldn't be better.
Why You'll Love Them

- Wedges are very versatile and can be paired with just about everything in your closet. They compliment a variety of styles and can go from bohemian and flirt to sexy and sophisticated in a matter of seconds.

- Wedges are terrific for women who are searching for some added height without a neck breaking heal. The wedge style offers a little more balance for those of you who find walking in 4 inches heels a bit difficult and dangerous.

- Wedges are more forgiving for you're feet than the average heel. Since they have a wide surface area, wedges are easier on the balls of your feet while traditional heels may apply extra pressure resulting in pain.

- Wedges offer women the ability to take casual clothing to the next level by adding a bit of sex appeal and style to everything from denim shorts to flirty frocks.

- Women with thicker ankles may find that by design, wedges work to make the calf and ankle appear thinner. If this is a concern to you, then wedges really should be your heel of choice.

- Summer staples like flowing skirts, wrap dresses, and sexy shorts all look terrific with a pair of casual or dressy wedges, making them good choice for any occasion.

Summer Sandals 2019
Wearing Wedges

Just because wedges offer a world of fashion possibility doesn't mean they can be worn with everything all the time. Here are a few tips to keep you're feet fantastically fashionable throughout the sandal season.

- Know the difference between elegant and casual. Wedges come in a variety of styles and while some are great for a casual date they may not work for a sophisticated night on the town or a special occasion. If you look in the mirror and feel you're wedges aren't up to par with the rest of the outfit you're probably right. Knowing when to leave them home or look for a classier pair is key to pulling of this look.

- Wedges are comfortable but they are still heels. If you're planning on staying on you're feet all day or are going to be physically active, you may want to consider swapping them out for more practical footwear.

- When buying wedges for casual use, look for onces that have heels composed of cork, rubber or other soft materials. These materials will act as a cushion allowing for better shock absorption which can maximize you're comfort level.

- When you buy wedges makes sure the entire shoe, not just the top suits your needs. Many wedge sandals are composed with cork, straw, or rope which can look great for casual beach wear or a night out with the girls, but can absolutely ruin a great dress. If you're going classy instead of casual stay away from wedges that would suggest otherwise.