Fashionable Shoes Need Not Be Uncomfortable Shoes

Long gone are the days when comfortable shoes meant unfashionable shoes. The trend for comfortable and fashion started a few years back with the appearance of Ugg boots on the feet of the seriously fashion conscious and trendy. You could hardly open a style magazine with out seeing some bright young thing wearing her Ugg Boots everywhere from shopping to movie premiers. Comfortable had just become chic.

Since then there have been a whole host of new styles of fashionable footwear from last years surprise, Croc's (bright colored rubber clogs) to the now ever present Sports Sandals and even environmentally friendly Shoes made from recycled material. However through it all the Ugg boot has remained King, Or should that be queen?

A number of companies are now producing a range of what are being called lifestyle shoes these include Teva and Simple Shoes both of whom are owned by the same company that owns the right to the Ugg trademark, Deckers Outdoor Corp. Teva specialize in sports orientated shoes and are fast becoming the leading supplier of the “Sports Sandal”. Additionally they offer a wide range of hiking boots and flip flops for the whole family.

One of the most interesting developments in the Lifestyle shoe market has been by the small Santa Barbara company Simple Shoes. They have created a range of shoes made from recycled material and sustainable natural products. By appealing to the inner hippy in many of us they are rapidly creating a niche for themselves supplying environmentally footwear at a time when the general public are becoming more environmentally conscious. When you buy a pair of simple shoes you could be walking on your own recycled plastic bottles and car tires without ever knowing it. Even the boxes the shoes are delivered in are made from recycled material.

One thing all these types of footwear have in common is that they are functional as well as fashionable. A lot of research and development have gone into them to ensure that the shoes are functional, comfortable and at the same time fashionable. Time and effort has been spent looking at medical problems caused by poorly designed shoes and features have been built into the shoes to alleviate these were possible.

There is no longer any reason why you should have to wear uncomfortable shoes in order to be fashionable. No matter what the season or whatever the weather is you can find a great pair of comfortable shoes designed with you in mind.