Fall 2019 Fashion Tips

Fall Fashion tips 2019 Spring 2019 is underway in Bryant Park complete with runway shows and extravagant parties. According to NewYorkMetro.com, the new up and coming designers to watch are Miguel Pena, Doo Ri, Sue Stemp, Sari Gueron and a few more names sure to be seen in the fashion magazines.

Great! So the designers have already set the trends for spring and you aren't decked out for fall yet. Here are a few tips and trends for Fall 2019.

The Uptown Looks are chic with a nice price tag too: For Men, Prada is the name of the game and for a different label try Burberry London or Calvin Klein Collection for suits. For women, it is silk all the way in 3.1 Philip Lim, Ferragamo, Rochas or Chloe. Add fur and cashmere to warm it up a bit.

Now what are the rest of us going to wear? First of all, find ways to recycle what you already have. If you followed our advice and have classic base pieces, then you should just add some trendy accessories. And in case I really do have to say it. UGGS are CASUAL. They are not the thing this season but if you must keep wearing them, do not pair them with anything more than casual clothes, and we mean CASUAL. Did everybody get that?

Ok so where were we? Yes, the fall trends.

Velvet has replaced corduroy as the winter fabric du jour.
Belted jackets, sweaters, and pants are in but be careful if you have large hips or bust. You can make yourself look event more top or bottom heavy.
Feminine and romantic are the two adjectives of the season (to a point). Ruffles on blouses seem to follow the rule of the bigger the better this season.
Vintage is still in and so are peasant skirts, tunics and knee-high boots.
Jewelry - chunky with large beads or polished stones or long strings hanging down nearly to the waist.
Layering - superlight knits in layers with the bottom layer extending beyond the top.
And on this last one, just remember we report on the trends. We don't set them. Fur and hides are back. Leopard prints are out but crocodile is in.

Before you go out and buy everything listed in the fashion magazines, remember it has to be you and it has to fit you. For some reminders, we recommend rereading our article Your Wardrobe: 7 Basic Steps to Success before hitting the pavement.