Women's Work Out Gear

Capri Pant Women Sportswear The clothing you choose to wear while you are working out will depend on your personal style and environment but below are six basic pieces of work out clothing for women that are great for anyone. The Women's workout gear suggested below can be found in numerous brand names too so always be sure to do some price comparing before you make a final purchase.

Pacer support tank by Brooks

This tank top is perfect for some low impact work outs at home or the gym or outdoor running in warm weather. It is flattering, light weight and helps keep the sweat from your body. However, if you are a large chested woman then I would not recommend this yoga tank top for you to buy. It is definitely more for the small to medium chest.

Running shoes by Avia

Running shoes of any brand are imperative to a healthy and supportive work out for women. Avia has a ton of different running shoes to pick from than range from $25 to $150! Most of them are very breathable and come in a variety of colors and styles to fit your current work out gear. Womens Gym Capri Pants

Half zip top by Nike

If you are exercising out in the cold a long sleeved pull over is a must for your apparel. Cold weather will be much more comfortable to work out in with this pull over that also helps block out the sweat. This particular pull over even has thumb holes so your hands can stay warm too during the chilly exercise.

Viva Capri pants by Brooks

These Capri pants for working out are great for women of all shapes and are great for outdoor and indoor workouts. The pants stop just below the knee and give you plenty of moving and breathing room during your exercise. There a couple different style of Capri and you can pick them up for $20 to $50 locally and online. Splash Capri Woman Activewear

iPod/MP3 player

An audio player of any brand is essential to making those long work outs easier to handle. You can create a playlists that either pumps you up for the hard core exercises or calms you down for the yoga ones. These players will even hold up 10,000 songs, play your favorite videos and even let you record your own videos right from the Ipod.

Camelbak hydration packs

For the women who are outdoor enthusiasts these pack back hydrations systems are 100% unique. You can take on challenges of all kinds outdoor with these and always be sure that your hands are free. Water is never too far away no matter where you are.

These are just six of the essentials that women may need while working out. Tops, pants, shoes, socks, Mp3 players and hydration packs are all great things to get you started on a real exercise extravaganza. These items can be found in numerous brands too so always be sure you do some shopping around before making a purchase.