Sexy Shoes for Summer - Top Summer Shoe Styles for Women

Hot platform shoes The styles of the women’s shoes are always changeable and only when you find the trend of the summer can you buy the most suitable and fashionable one to make you look fashionable. The following guides will offer you some help.

Some of the hottest in summer shoes for women include platform sandals with sky-high heels, woven uppers, summer booties, and wedges. And while men’s and kids’ shoes don’t change quite as dramatically as women’s shoes, there are a still lot of great summer styles to choose from.

Top Summer Shoe Styles for Women

And if you’re looking for sandals that are as easy on your feet as they are on the eyes, you’ll be happy to know that there is a whole new crop of gorgeous flat sandals for 2014.

With all the hype about sky-high heels and platform shoes this season, it’s easy to forget that for many of us, summer is about taking it easy — and that we actually like spending time in flats. But just because a shoe is low on heel, doesn’t mean it can’t be high on style. Check out these top picks in low-heeled and flat sandals, and you’ll see what I mean.

Platform Shoes

Contrary to popular belief platform shoes are about the soles and not the heels.


Wedges are fun, and when warm weather hits, they become nearly irresistible. Even women who don’t normally wear heels can opt for a bit more height when the heel is a wedge.

Summer Shoe Trends for Women

Gladiator sandals are in again this summer, and even those who have never appreciated the trend may want to have another look, as this year’s styles are much more flattering than the Greco-Roman sandals before them.

Another carry over from last year is women’s sandals and shoes in medium and light neutral shades, but color-lovers shouldn’t despair, as blues and greens are also hot.

The most exciting trend of the season of the season has to be summer boots and booties, and there are lots of styles available with open toes or uppers that lend themselves to warm weather.