Stylish and Timeless Cardigan Sweaters for Spring

When it comes to fashion, variety in cardigan sweaters is important to give that extra spice in the way you dress and look.

If you love them as much as I do or have just opened your eyes to cardigans, don't be afraid to try different designs, like for example cropped cardigan or cozy shawl cardigans.

Most cardigan sweaters are quite versatile and trendproof, so you won't lose anything if you decide to invest in several designs!

Experiment with different details such as buttons, prints, sleeves, length, neckline, texture, cut and even colors besides black and brown. From oversized boyfriend cardigans to the cute cropped cardigan, there is something for everyone!

Tip: If you're on a budget stick to basic and solid colors like black, dark brown and white/beige. These colors can be worn with absolutely everything!

Check out these chic, versatile cardigan styles:

Long Cardigan

This coat'ish long cardigan is usually semi-fitted or tight-fitted and perfect for a sophisticated yet casual and feminine look.

In the past few years, the drapey open wrap cardigan has become a total hit among fashionistas! It adds a laid-back to any outfit and complements bohemian styles very well!

For a chic look, opt for a belted or cinched cardigan to slightly define your waist. I personally like it with pockets on each side with a low V-neck.

Tip: Generally, this type cardigan suits taller women. So if you're short, opt for a fitted cardigan that falls down to just below your butt and no longer than that. A too long sweater will only swallow you up, making you look smaller than you already are.

Boyfriend Cardigan

Snuggle up in a boyfriend cardigan. It's almost the same style and length a guy would wear! The great thing about boyfriend cardigans is that they add a laid-back texture to a tight-looking outfit (like skinny jeans and a tee).

It's loose and a bit oversized. It might remind you of your grandpa's vintage sweater!

Cropped Cardigan

Cropped cardigans are stylish and cute add-ons to a pretty dress or a long top. The cropped cardigan is an underestimated fashion garment that needs more attention. It's super cute, that's no doubt about it but it might appear "auntish" for many women. However, it can look trendy if you combine it right!


A cropped cardigan will compliment your look if you have a pear or rectangle shape.

If you have an hourglass shape with small breasts then it will suit you too. The cropped cardigan will add width and draw attention to your upper half.

Knitted Cardigan

When the cold season is approaching it's time to pull out your chunky, knitted cardigans! Knitted cardigan is ideal for snuggling and makes an ultra stylish final layer.Wear this longline knitted cardi with denim shorts and a casual vest. Cooler days call for skinny jeans and your favourite flats.

A knitted cardigan is like any other cardigan, only thicker and as the name says, knitted. Think grandpa style (without the mothball smell) It usually a vintage-looking piece of clothing.


Try a wrap or slouch collar cardigan for a chic and feminine look

Look chic and balanced by wearing fitted pants with the knitted cardigan.

Short-sleeve Cardigan

Short Sleeve Cardigan is very popular in the market because of its fashionable style and high quality material. This women cardigan is very comfortable to wear and touch with the soft material. The short sleeves make petite arms look longer. Feel free to choose a capped, kimono or batwing style for instant uniqueness!


As long as you pair the cardigan with a long-sleeved top or sweater, it will suit your body shape.

If you have an Inverted Triangle body shape, then I strongly recommend avoiding chunky short-sleeved cardigans and go for ones with a thinner and lighter fabric.

If you arms are short then a short-sleeved cardigan will definitely work suit because it will visually lengthen your arms.