Shoes Fashion Trends for Spring and Summer 2015

Jimmy Choo Snake & Mesh Bootie 2015 There are eleven most common clues for shoes fashion in Sprin/Summer 2015 and they include:

1) Hot tints. The main color of shoes will be orange. It is lively, dynamic and bright. Other top trend colors include pink, white, red, purple, violet, all shades of grey, browns and metallics. With these colors women will look pretty feminine.

Collage Cutout Bootie 2015 2016 2) Establishment of flowers. Variuos sizes and shapes flower ornaments will be emphasized not only in garments but also in shoes during upcoming season. Flowers will ephasize women's beauty and they will make shoes look elegant and sophisticated.

3) Details of heavy metal. Shoes will be decorated with various chains, snaps, zippers or buckles. Because of that, they will look modern and nice.

4) Cut – Out Booties. It will be very common to cut away different shoes parts. For example, shoes with cut-away sides or cut-out heels will be very popular in spring and summer.

2015 gwyneth paltrow high heel gladiator shoes 2016 5) Gladiator shoes. High – heeled and bold colors gladiator shoes will be the top trend during the following seasons.

6) Flat shoes. Flat shoes will be colorful and playful, they will also be decorated with various ornaments.

7) Variety of materials. Shoes will be made of mixed media like canvas and leather side by side or ultra-soft leathers and more patents. Printed fabrics and textiles will domite too.

cutout booties 8) Reptile leather. Snake prints on shoes will be especially common during spring and summer.

9) Folk motives. The biggest attention is taken to Egyptian – inspired sandals and Greek style shoes, which will be decorated with jewels.

10) Fringing. Fringes associate with western movies. It is advisable to create this style shoes with colors like camles, brown or black.

11) Sophisticated decorations. Shoes will be decorated with luxurious gems and rhinestones. These details make them look very special.

In sum, the most important trends of shoes for upcomming spring and summer are platform, various ornaments, fringes and belts. Open and closed shoes will be fashionable. The dominant Greek or Roman style shoes (etc. "gladiator" shoes) will be on the fashion top. The main colors will be orange, pink, black, white, grey, brown, silver and gold. Important are also flower, reptile skin and folk motives. Despite the fact that the biggest attention is taken to high – heeled shoes, flat shoes also dominates in new Spring/Summer collections