Sexy Women Bathing Suits for 2016

Gold Bikini swimwear 2016 Swimwear designers are feeling blue this year! All shades of the ocean strutted down the catwalk from sky blues to turquoise, you can’t go wrong in blue this season. Choose a blue that will make your skin glow. Turquoise looks amazing against golden and darker skin tones while baby blue is perfect for porcelain and fairer skin shades. Light shades of green, like seafood were also very popular this season.

Wild Things

Animal print is a haute trend in 2015 and it’s even taken over swimmer. Luxurious leopard, cheetah and zebra prints are adding sex appeal this season. If you would like to try this trend remember to stay as close as possible to the natural animal print as you can. Pink zebra print and blue cheetah prints are not chic. Zebra Print String Thong Bikini

Going Tribal

Tribal prints are a colorful and fun way to update your swimwear collection. Native American and African prints are en vogue this season. Pair them with chunky beaded necklaces to complete the look.

Hot Tamales

Hot shades of pink, red and orange added a lot of punch to basic bathing suit silhouettes. Opt for a silhouette that suits your shape best but buy it in this season’s rich red, orange and pink shades to update your swim look for the season seamlessly. Leopard Slide Bikini 2016

Welcome The Monokini

Traditional bikinis and one pieces, move over the monokini is here! Monokinis are basically hybrids of bikinis and one pieces. The top and bottom are connected by a piece of cloth covering every woman’s trouble area, the tummy! Designers everywhere now have their own rendition of this new sexy shape and women everywhere are rejoicing. Look for a monokini in a solid color rather than a print for a slimmer look.

Ruffled Up

Ruffles made a comeback in swimwear this season. From tiny ruffles to dramatic ones, ruffles add girlish charm to any suit. 2016 Sexy Women Bathing Suits Ruffle Bikini

Embellished And Glamourous

Embellished swimwear is all the craze with fashionistas everywhere from Rio to Cannes. Rhinestones, sequins and beads are covering everything from tunics to bikinis. This trend is a great way to add glamour to your resort look. Just make sure that all of the embellishments are sewn in properly and intact before you purchase.

Golden Girls

Gold hardware is becoming super popular and it’s a luxurious addition to any suit. There’s nothing chicer than a plain black or white bikini with rich gold hardware. Gold also brings out your tan, who can ever resist that?