Pajama Pants

PJ Pant 2015 Women Sportswear The must wear day wear essential for Spring is.. (drum roll, please).. a pair of pajama pants.

Spring fashion is all about light weight dresses in cheerful colors and bright prints. Pretty dresses, floaty chiffons and voluminous, though relatively short, skirts characterize Spring. So what is a pants-loving girl gonna do?

The pants that took center stage this season is inspired by the humble pajama set. Actually, silky pajama inspired pants and tops, in graphic prints, ruled the catwalk where women's pants are concerned.

One of the shockers was when models graced the catwalks in clothes suitable for pajama parties. Robes and bona-fide pajamas sets were featured in day wear collections. Turns out the hottest look, where pants are concerned is the pajama-inspired pants. Not a pair of old ratty pajamas but flowy, wide legged, silky pants so comfy you could sleep in them. Pajama-like, no doubt, but pretty enough to be seen in when you go out.

Prada and Karl Lagerfeld had their models strut on the catwalks wearing sheer, silky pants, that look suitable for pajama parties as well. Calvin Klein and DKNY featured high waist silky pants that looked as comfortable as pajama pants, though so much more feminine. These are very wearable.

PJ pajama set for Women Going on a date? Try a pair of flowy pajama style pants worn with a slinky top and a black leather jacket.

If you work in a creative line, you could get away with flowy silk pants worn with a smart blouse and jacket.

For once, being fashionable can be extremely comfortable. Especially if you go for the pajama inspired look.