Lepard Print Clothes-Animal Print Accessories for 2016

Lepard Print Skirt 2016 Leopard print clothing is a fashion trend that has steadily grown this summer, and will continue to be prominent through the winter 2015-2016. One way that the animal print trend is developing is that it now includes other animal skins, for example, zebra, cheetah, ocelot, jaguar, cow, giraffe and tiger. Another way that this trend is growing in momentum is that more and more accessories have animal print textures.

The secret of wearing an animal based pattern fashion trend successfully, is to relate the volume of pattern to your personality. If you are normally an understated dresser, then select just a small leopard print item. It may be as small as a money clutch purse like the Blumarine model left is holding. Or, it could be as lavish as the Blumarine designer coat or boots she is wearing.

If the full-on glamour look of Catwoman, with shades of the legendary Eartha Kitt at her most feline, is not for you, then leopard print shoes or bag can be the perfect answer. In fact you'll be amazed how many items in your wardrobe can appear instantly updated with an animal print clutch, or given an instant lift with some snazzy footwear.

If you prefer just to flirt with animal prints as a passing fashion fad, then pop this inexpensive little cardigan into your weekly shopping trolley.It would swiftly uplift basic trousers, skirt or shift dress into Spring 2014. Kim Kardashian Lepard Print Skirt

Animal Print Accessories


The easiest way to adopt the animal theme is to buy a piece of jewellery or a bag. An animal styled ring, cuff or snakeskin style bangle is a fashion trend in itself.

It takes a special kind of woman to go “animal print” head-to-toe. I’m not sure any of us actually want to be that woman …but most of us can learn from her mistakes!

Indeed, the key to wearing animal print is to use it sparingly – and one of the best ways to do that is via accessories. From shoes to handbags, scarves to belts, jewelry, hats even gloves, accessorizing with animal print can be fun and stylish – and keep you looking current without spending a ton of money.

The key to making the look work: Choosing wisely where you place the “growl”.

Here’s a few tips to making animal print accessories work for every season.

1.Don’t over populate the zoo. And that means selecting one animal print per outfit. If you’ve got the leopard shoes and bag going on, don’t mix in the zebra belt or the giraffe print scarf. Unlike other prints which can be mixed and matched, blending in too many animals makes for one untidy fashion playground!

2.Do pair your animal print accessories with bright colors – but chose just one color. For example a great red dress can look amazing when accessorized with leopard . But if the top is red the bottom is blue and the bag is navy, adding an animal print scarf or shoes is just too much activity for the eye to focus on at once.

3.Wear no more than 3 animal print accessories at once. If you’ve got the bag and shoes happening, you can add an animal scarf, pin, bangle, or sweater – but not all of them at once.

4.The biggest animal makes the loudest roar - true in the jungle and on the runway. So the larger your animal print accessory, the fewer pieces you need to play it up. If you’ve got a great animal print topper or a huge oversized bag let it do the growling for you and accent it with other colors, not more animal print.

5.Tiny animals get noticed too – which means you don’t have to wear a lot of animal print to make an impression. Choosing one item – like a zebra print belt on a LBD or leopard print scarf on a LWD – can give you the updated look without going over the top. Lepard Print Bag 2016

Leopard Print Bags

Despite that animal print bags have been talked about way too many times by almost all the fashion reviewers, I still can't help expressing my excitement about such brilliant and eye-catching handbags. There is no doubt that the popularity of this kind of pattern has hit every corner of the fashion world and almost everyone must have at least one fashion item with such wild print.

With an animal print bag, even though you wear the plainest outfit, you will be immediately lightened and added with extra glamour. In the market, you can find many different types of handbags are incorporated with this kind of pattern, from purses to shoulder bags. As to what kind of specific animal prints can catch more attention, the most popular ones will definitely go to zebra, leopard, giraffe, and snake.

These bags are not necessarily made from real animal print but most of them just imitate the color and pattern of those wild animals. It is acceptable for environmentalists, too. Besides the original pattern, there are also variations featuring the bold colors, such as red, green or blue. You will obtain a lot of fun by pairing these unique bags with your different styles of ensembles.

For some conservative women, animal print may be too wild and bold for them to accept, but a handbag with such a wild print can indeed accentuate one's strong personality and distinctive style. If you still have concerns, you can start with snake print handbags which can be seen as the most low-key pattern compared with others. While if you are always a fashion pioneer who is willing to try new funny things, those seemingly crazy variations of animal print must catch your attention at the first sight.

In the market, you will have no worries about the lack of the styles you want, because there are endless types of animal print bags available to meet different people's need. Only one thing you should keep in mind is that you should choose the most suitable one that can agree with your personality perfectly.