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Double Breasted Pea Blue Coats 2016 When it comes to a womens coat, there really is no limit. We see so many different sleek and funky styles in a womens coat. If you are in the market for a new coat this season, you may be wondering what kind of coat would flatter your shape and work with your lifestyle the best. Here are a few different trends in the coat department that will help determine which one will be right for you.

For an ultra sleek and sexy look, the St. John Yellow Label Outer Jacket will do just fine. This polyester jacket is lightweight and will keep you dry and comfortable while you are walking around, and the drawing sting at the hem will help provide a snug fit. The spread collar gives this jacket a sexy appeal and button tab detail on the long sleeves really bring out a very masculine look that is very sophisticated, but chic. When you need a coat for everyday that will be able to match with all of your clothes, this is the one you want to have.

If you are looking for a coat that is a little funkier and that will really draw attention, then the Diane von Furstenberg Hadini Jacket in Palace Tiger is the coat to wear. This absolutely stunning Thai silk reversible coat is out of this world beautiful. You will look like a superstar wearing such a fascinating coat this season. The mandarin collar gives this jacket a very feminine feel and the button closure allows this coat to stay very classy and dainty, while having such a vibrant design. 2016 Double Breasted Pea Coat - Women Sexy Coats When you need something more casual and free, the Free People Floral Long Seamed Blazer will really do the trick this spring. It is casual, but flirty so it can be worn with your favorite jeans but also with a pretty silk dress

Pea coats are classic outerwear worn by both men and women. The pea coat dates back to the 1700s, when it was created for male military sailors. By the mid 1900s, the pea coat, or sailor jacket as it was also called, started becoming popular in women's fashion. While the double breasted, hip length look of the coat remains pretty much the same, the different types of pea coats available today include men's, women's, spring, winter, swing, and tailored versions.

Tailored pea coat styles feature shaping details, such as vertical seam work. This tailoring makes these coats a little more slimming; the original pea coat style isn't the most flattering for fuller and shorter body types. Tailored pea coats may feature a vent in the back, a vertical opening in the middle bottom edge of the coat. It helps to make a garment easier to sit down in while also adding style.

Swing pea coats flare outward from the waist. They still usually end at the hip like the original pea coat style, but are tent-like from the waist down. These are women's coat styles that are available in winter- and spring-weight fabrics. Swing pea coat versions often have wide kimono sleeves that, like the jacket, taper outward from the top to the bottom.

Wool is the most popular pea coat fabric. It's suitable for winter or cooler spring weather. Other fabrics used for men's and women's pea-types of jackets include corduroy, khaki, cotton, and denim. These lighter and more casual fabrics are used for spring styles of pea coat. One of the most luxurious, elegant pea coat materials is the ultra-soft goat's wool known as cashmere.

Double Breasted Pea Women Sexy Coats 2016 Men's pea coats are available in classic colors, such as blue and tan, while women's versions tend to have more color options. A women's spring pea coat could be bright red or pale cream, or it could be a fashion color such as banana yellow or celery green. Heavy wool pea coats tend to be sold in deep shades, such as classic navy blue or dark rich red.

All types of pea coat are double breasted, meaning they have two rows of buttons rather than most outerwear styles that have only one button row. While many pea coats, both men's and women's, have six buttons, some feature only four larger ones. A women's pea coat is designed to fit at the hips, while the typical men's version is usually a little longer than hip length.