Crochet Cardigans Sweaters - Spring Season 2016 Fashion

Spring Crochet Cardigan Sweater 2016 In years past, when a person thought "cardigan", images arose of a sweet grandmother or a 50's-era dad with his paper and slippers by the fireside. But these days, cardigans have become the hot go-to fashion for almost every style, event and season. Available in an endless combination of colors, cuts, sizes and fabrics, a cardigan is a staple wardrobe item whether your focus is feeling comfortable or feeling stylish.

Spring Crochet Cardigan 2016 Another relic of the past was the idea that cardigans were mostly a cool-weather staple. But now you can find them in many different types of material, from heavy to lightweight, that make cardigans a year-round fashion. In the spring and summer, the most fashionable women's boutique carries cardigans that are light-weight enough to make a statement without making you sweat. From delicate and holey, to short-sleeved and cropped, pair these airy cardigans with summer staples like tanks, strapless tops and summer dresses to add that extra oomph.

Open Stitch Jewel Cardigan 2016 As soon as the leaves begin to change and the air gets crisp, you may find that you need something to take the chill off that won't leave you feeling bulky or overly warmed. Reach for a long-sleeved cardigan in a mid-weight knit material. By pairing it with some knee high boots and a light scarf, you can wear your favorite summer dress well into October!

Sexy Crochet Trim Drapey Cardigan in Natural Straw For winter, coats are great, but it can be easier to wear something that will allow you to go from outside to inside without the need to shed layers. A winter cardigan is just what you need! Look for long-sleeved, belted, shawl cardigans in a thick material such as wool. In a brisk wind, the collar can be lifted, and the cardigan tied tightly to keep you warm and cozy.

Cardigans also look great in practically any situation, from casual to professional, or even dressy. You'll look comfortable but cute in distressed loose jean shorts, western boots, and an oversized, lightweight, boyfriend cardigan over a ribbed tank. Belt that same cardigan over a ruffled blouse, add a nice set of slacks and heels, and you'll bring chic back to a beige workplace. A basic black dress for night time gets a bit of flare with a petitely-fitted, beaded cardigan with three-quarter sleeves. Even a basic cardigan can be made dressier: wrap each side around your torso and pin it with a flashy brooch over a sexy pencil skirt.

For any season or any reason, cardigans do it all. By adding just a few cardigans to your wardrobe, you'll be ready for any fashion need or event.