Women Denim Trends for Spring and Summer 2015

Kim Kardashian in Staple Jean Vest Denim Jacket Women Outfits Denim is going to be everywhere spring / summer 2015. From denim blouses, jumpsuits, shorts and denim on denim look, here are the three major denim trends of the season and how to style them.

Denim Vests

Miranda Kerr in denim blouse There are two kinds of denim vests out there this spring. There is a fitted denim vest, similar to a vest worn with a business suit and having a plunging neck. There are also 90s-looking vest that basically resembles a denim jacket with the arms cut off. Its shape is boxier and bit looser.

Many of the fitted denim vests come in a dark denim. Pair it with a simple short sleeve t-shirt of a solid color or striped. Depending on the shade of denim, pair with a dark pant or a darker denim.

The 90s looking vest are a great casual piece for the spring. Try them with a looser fit flowery top or short dress. Style this look with middle part for hair and a flowy, natural hairstyle. Think Alanis Morisette a la Jagged Little Pill. Ripped Jeans 2015

Treated Denim

Treated denim in all its forms is coming out in spring / summer. Jeans that have been treated with bleach spots add an extra flare. Ripped and torn jeans inspire a casual and super sexy look. Another great denim look for this spring is patches. Patches over the knee, over the elbow or just about anywhere.

The greatest thing about the treated denim trend is that if someone tries to achieve this look at home, and it looks miserable, just patch the denim up and it will still be trendy! It's a fun, crafty win-win situation!

All of these styles are pretty eye-catching so keep the rest of the look to a minimal. Casual t-shirts or tank tops in solid colors or basic prints are best. Spring Denim on Denim

Denim on Denim

Heard that denim on denim is a big faux pas? Not this spring! Denim on denim runways looks for spring have already begun to appear in urban street looks.

For a while, denim on denim has been considered acceptable as long as one of the denims was dark enough to be confused for another material. But this season, denim on denim of the same color (usually a lighter denim) in one outfit is hot!

Pair a long or short sleeve denim shirt with jean or jean shorts of the same color. Wear this denim on denim look with camel-colored, ankle-length leather boots.