Cuff bracelets-Glamorous and Eye Catching Summer Accesories

Cuff bracelets have been spotted on many high profile wrists, such as Halle Berry and Cameron Diaz, but are you ready to pull off this trend? These accessories are really fun and very bold because they give off this type of bad girl vibe. It seems to be that the rougher or tougher the cuff, the better it looks! But this doesn’t mean that your entire outfit has to be really hard-hitting; you can wear the girliest outfit and pair it with a cuff and you instantly achieve the look!

Prim and Proper with a Taste of Something Bad

Whether you are off to work, a resort or just out to play, wearing a pair of jeans and a white button down is always an unbeatable outfit. This look will forever be fresh and tasteful, but when paired with some arm candy, this outfit instantly becomes a little more hip. By applying just one cuff to your arm, you are able to leave all else alone and still look dressed up and ready to go. They key here is that less is more, so leave the cuff as your statement piece and put the rest of the jewelry aside.

Satin, Lace and Cuffs All Over

The look that seems to really be catching everyone’s eyes is fancy dresses paired with a badass cuff. When you are getting ready for a night out, glam it up with your satin dress and add a cuff to your arm. With this look you are able to really wear more jewelry and not have it look over done. On the opposite wrist, go ahead and wear a few other bracelets or cocktail ring, but not another cuff; no one wants to look like they are wearing shackles!

The Many Sides of Cuffs

While bronzed and gold cuffs are huge this season, we cannot leave out the rest of the cuffs that are popping up all over the fashion world. Neon jewelry is very fun and trendy, so grab a brightly colored cuff and add it to your wardrobe. This is a great idea when you just want to add a bit of color to your style. The same goes for beaded or fabric detailed cuffs. Wear these cuffs stacked and mix and match for a really fun style. Pair these fabulous jewels with leggings, a long slouchy tee and a blazer for a trendy but simple look. Or you can always add some of these cuffs to your little black dress for a fun take on something that normally is very sophisticated.