Sexy Caged Heels - Strappy Leather High Heels Sandals

Caged heels are back and hotter than ever this season! These strappy leather sandals have several different looks, but also something very bold in common; they enclose your feet while leaving some skin for a little "peep show". These ultra sexy shoes can be worn with so many fun outfits that you have in your wardrobe this season - you just need to know how to get started and we're here to show you how!

Hipster Cool

Looking for a look that says you are a laid back, but trendy kind of gal? Wear some cropped cargo pants (make sure they are not too baggy but more fitted to your shape), a fitted top preferably a bustier inspired look, a chic leather belt and lightweight scarf (as long as it is not too hot). And don’t forget to pair your caged booties with the look too. You will look like you really know what’s up when it comes to fashion, because let’s face it, looking this good you could be shelling out lessons!

Who Wears Short Shorts

You do! Wear a pair of either cut-off denim or khaki shorts, depending on your preference, and pair it with a plain tee, some sunglasses and a messenger bag along with some sexy booties. This is a great outfit when you want to stay casual but with a twist of flare for when you are meeting someone special for lunch or heading downtown. A denim shirt would also really rock this look, along with a khaki handbag to give it a more safari inspired twist.

The Goddess Appeal

Looking for a way to stay feminine but to give it some beach flavor? Wear a short t-shirt dress that comes to about the knee or higher. Make sure it is loose all around to really give that sexy put on and go look. Now, to give this dress some shape wear a leather braided wrap around belt so you are able to accentuate your waist. Pair your caged booties with this outfit and add a few bangles and you are ready to hit the town looking beach ready with still a hint of glam.

Caged booties were around last year but they definitely seem to be making more of an impact this season! They are sultry and perfect for any night out during the warm summer months. So go ahead and strut your stuff this season in a pair of delicious booties that will be sure to steal the show!