Skinny Cargo Pants - The Hottest Pants Ever

Cargo Pants Are Back In a Slimmer Style

When a lot of us think of cargo pants we may think of the bulky pant legs with droopy pockets that are not always considered to be very flattering. However, all of that has changed! Cargo pants are hotter than ever and can really amp up your overall look, especially when you are looking for something dressy to wear – that’s right, dressy! You can wear a pair of cargo pants out on the town with a pair of heels and really look very chic because the contrast of the casual pants with dressy accessories is a must do!

When you want to look stylish for a day out with your friends or even a casual lunch date with that cutie you picked up at Starbucks, you can wear a pair of cargo pants and really look hot! In order to achieve this look the right way, all you need to do is roll a pair of cargo pants at the hem to have them come up to above ankle length. This gives them a little bit of a more feminine feel. Then pair a blouse and some platform wedge sandals for a beachy chic style. You can even add a belt around your waist to add more definition to your figure.

A Fancy Night Out

If you are looking for a cute outfit to wear when you are heading out at night and are tired of wearing the same ol’ skinny jeans and top, then why not start sporting a pair of cargo pants instead? When you want to wear them for a dressy night out, make sure that they are not too baggy and have a cinched hem along the ankles to really give a more elegant look. Add a sparkly top to your outfit and a pair of hot pumps with some fancy jewelry and a cute clutch. You are now ready to hit it up at a club, bar or your special date with a whole new look that is fresh, hot and comfortable.

The Casual Afternoon

While dressing up your cargo pants are fun, you can always keep them looking very casual and laid back. When you want to keep a relaxed profile but still with a very stylish attitude, pair some cargo pants with a plain tee and a cardigan or cream color lightweight bomber jacket. Stick with a pair of flats or some flat sandals to keep the look casual and cool. Strap on your favorite canvas handbag and you are ready to walk around shopping at the mall or downtown in the city, looking great!