Skimpy G String Bikinis 2016- Extremely Sexy Bikinis

There are plenty of skimpy G string bikinis out there to perfectly fit your personal sense of fashion style.

Skimpy G String Bikinis Found!

Skimpy G string bikinis are extremely sexy, full of fashion flair, and for the confident woman, few bikinis can make you feel sexier than these swimsuits!

E.M. Camouflage Print G String

What’s fantastic about this skimpy swimsuit is its camouflage print. Not many G strings offer this type of look, so it’s a sexy way of standing out from the crowd. The triangle bikini top ties in the front, while the G string bottom ties at the hips. This bikini is a brilliant combination of tough girl meets seductress.

E. M. Flame Print G String

Talk about hot! You’ll be positively scorching in this suggestive flame print skimpy G string! The print flame on the bodice of this bikini is tame compared to the suggestive placement of the flames on the bottom of the bikini!

Ujena sheer G string bikini 2016

Rhinestone and Diamond Weave

Ujena sheer G string bikini

You’ll glitter and outshine all others in this dynamic suit. Its pattern, rhinestones, fringe and flesh toned hue invites onlookers to peer closer (probably because they’re wondering what’s holding this look together!), but if you enjoy being the center of attention, then this is the perfect suit for you!

Rhinestone Sweetheart G String

This bikini is amazing because you’ll actually look completely naked, save for a few strategically placed glittering rhinestones. Out of all the skimpy G string bikinis out there, this Sweetheart number may be the skimpiest of them all!

Lipstick G String 2016

UjENA makes this Lipstick G String, and what’s most striking about the look is its color. It really does have the feel of a brilliant, opaque, natural nude pink.

Gauze G String

Talk about adventure! This gauzy look almost has a Tarzan/Jane quality to it, with its slightly ruffled bottom and almost see-through fabric. This swimsuit is perfect for the voluptuous woman whose curves hit all the right notes