Sexy Sheer Bikinis for Summer 2016

hot women sexy sheer bikini for summer 2016

The subtlety of sheer

Sheer bikinis are made of fabric that is exceptionally thin. When worn, these swimsuits reveal every curve, especially when wet. Typically made with Lycra, nylon or a blend, sheer bikinis are naturally clingy. Manufacturers often include a nude-colored lining to give the illusion of naked flesh while actually providing some coverage.

The stun of see-through

In contrast, see-through swimwear is completely transparent. Unlike a sheer bikini, a see-through suit is not lined to provide a bit of coverage. A see-through bikini is best for the free-spirited woman who is comfortable baring her best assets. Both of these styles are made in a variety of solid colors or printed designs, despite the sheerness of the fabric.

When shopping for sheer or see-through suits, keep in mind that many stores do not allow returns on purchased swimwear - so know what to expect before you buy.