Key Fashion Items for 2015/2016 Winter

Sometimes, finding the perfect outfits to flatter our silhouettes and still be trendy can become a real challenge. Therefore, it is very important to know what suits you the most and only afterwards choose the right items among the multitude of trends. Take a look to 4 winter 2014 key items style guide.

Among so many different styles and shapes, it is so difficult to find the most appropriate trends for you. Whenever choosing a new piece for your wardrobe it is essential to consider various aspects, such as body shape, lifestyle, personality, trends, and also the items you already have in your closet. Only after reviewing all these elements, you can think of investing in something. Here's a style guide for 4 key items for fall/winter 2015.

Hiking boots

Every season comes with its own eccentric shoe trends. For winter 2015, this part belongs to the high-heeled hiking boots that cause a lot of sensation. You can go for laced ones, made from leather or shearling, with different types of soles and heels, wedge or not, there are so many style available. It's up to you to choose those you think suit better to your personality and style.

Even though at first sight you might think that these boots are for hiking, you should know that they work great for every occasion and they are really comfortable. For a cold winter day, think of matching your hiking boots with a pair of leggings or cigarette jean, a shirt, and a loose knitted sweater or pullover.

And don't forget an overcoat. When wearing hiking boots, keep in mind that you don't have to take it to seriously. Therefore, invest in them only if you think you have enough courage to dare and take some risks. Another essential aspect when wearing these utilitarian boots is to avoid the head-to-toe hiking look.

'70s pants

As for the fall/winter 2015 pants trends, there is a multitude of different choices for all tastes and styles. It has already been proven that fashion renews itself every season, still with many influences from the past. Therefore, this season will also have important traces of the previous decades in matters of colors, fabrics and tailoring.

There are many influences of the '50s, '60s and the '70s. Regardless the style you choose, make sure it fits you in order to flatter your body shape and create an incomparable outfit. The '70s are known as the most chic decade in the fashion history representing a real source of inspiration for many designers throughout the time. And one of the main characteristics of this period is represented by the flare pants. They work great with breezy tucked-in blouses, especially if the pants have high waist, and a vest.

For a genuine '70s look, team your flare pants with ankle boots with wooden heels and golden accessories.

Long skirt

It is already known the fact that for winter 2015, skirts gained some length, so long that we can speak about maxi winter skirts. It might sound rather difficult and not so practical to wear a long skirt during winter, but if properly chosen and accessorized, you'll see that it is the easiest thing ever.

The long skirt trend is quite surprising and new especially when matching a chic long skirt with a loose pullover or an oversize sweater, a pair of masculine boots, and a knitted hat. However, for those of you who are more into the bohemian look, a long skirt made from knitted jersey or viscose can be a great choice. Wear a flare long skirt with a pull or a cropped sweater.

The tube-shaped long skirts can be perfectly teamed with a blazer, a denim shirt, a fine leather belt and a pair of flat laced boots. Another interesting match would be with a woolen parka and a pull. Besides, the biggest advantage of this type of skirt is that it elongates the silhouette.

Aviator jacket

If there is one shearling piece that totally deserves to invest in that is the aviator jacket. It is not only very cozy keeping you warm during cold winter days, but it is also very practical and versatile.

The aviator jacket is the essential item for fall/winter 2015. Besides the common way of wearing it with straight-cut jeans and cashmere sweater, you can also try a cool version and pair it with a floral printed dress and high heeled shoes. You can also try a more sexy approach and mix it with a mini dress with sequins or a lace one. Finish the look with a daring makeup with smokey eyes.

For an everyday look, pair your aviator jacket with a pullover, shorts, soft tights and shearling boots. Another interesting option would be the Burberry Prorsum style, with a pencil skirt and thigh high boots. If you are more the non-conformist type, try a pair of leather leggings and studded boots.