Fall and Winter 2019 Color Trends for Women

Hot sliky short dress 2019 For the fashion world, the month of August is a very busy and hectic month. Not only is there one month until fashion week, but August is also when all the fabric designers and the fashion forecasters get together and have their Fall/Winter Color Trend and Textile design show. This year, The Direction by Indigo International Exhibition of Creative Textile Design Show was held August 3 & 4 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City.

The color trends for Fall and Winter 2019 were not the typical gloomy colors. Grey is out and the gloom is gone! Now is the time for LIVE colors to shine through.

The color ranges for women were filled with neutrals like maroon camel and caramels; mid-tones colors likes purple orange and red; and vivid hues like gold teal and turquoise.

For 2015, men are encouraged to explore more vibrant colors and harmonies. Men’s neutrals were filled with blue, perry, and camel; mid-tones were filled with orange, navy, and chocolate; and vivid hues filled with yellow, teal, and blue.

It is not about a key color, but more about the combination. Less attention on the single and be encouraged to focus on the color harmonies. Mix colors and textures. Color blocking is essential and thinking outside the normal color combination will be your best bet.

Try mixing purple and gray, maroon and cooper, orange and gold instead of your normal gloomy fall colors. Have fun with the array of colors that fashion has to offer. The trends vary from 2019, with the new focus revolving sround expressing oneself through art.