Disco Outfits 2019 for Women - Sexy, Fun and Flirty Disco Essentials

Hot sexy dress 2019 for party disco Disco outfits for women are fun and flirty, and you'll love these simple ways to make up sexy outfits that would do very well at Studio 54. Whether you're already a disco queen or you're a newbie who just needs a new look, there are some disco essentials that you can either buy or hunt up in your closet for a look that's ready to party.

Disco Essentials for 2019

When putting together a disco outfit, or a series of disco outfits, make sure that you create mix-and-match looks to get a lot of mileage out of what you wear: it's essential! Instead of buying something in a set, try to cobble together a look that seems both unique and original. It's not as hard as it looks when you simply follow these basic guidelines.

Wrap Tops

Cross-over tops are great selections to wear with denim and leggings, and they have a body-hugging cut that can highlight your moves on the dance floor. When you dress for the disco, think like a dancer and put together a movement-friendly outfit that's both comfortable and figure-friendly. You can also choose dance-inspired shrugs and leotards for a similar effect.

Hot disco sliky dress 2019

Slinky Skirts 2019

Circle skirts in a wrap-around style, or a tie-waist design, are perfect when you pick them out in an exciting new fabric. Fabrics with stretch are excellent for disco moves, and you can find Spandex-infused materials with excellent weight for twirling and turning with the best of them. If you're afraid that your wrap skirt will open up in a spin, you can wear a skirt with a pin holding the flap closed. Look for a disco-style one in a design like a disco ball, music note, or crazy geometric design.

Dark Denim with Spandex

If jeans are your thing, you can definitely wear them out on the town. For disco flavor, stretch on a pair of super-dark jeans with stitched pockets and twinkling rhinestones. If you are going all out, grab your dark denim in a bell-bottom style, and wear a high-waisted look. You can easily pair these jeans with a leather or stretch belt for practical purposes, and you won't lose that disco flavor!

2019 party sliky dress

Patterned Dresses 2019

If separates aren't for you, you'll love patterned dresses in Lycra, Spandex, and Modal blends. Look for dresses with dipped necklines, preferably that wrap at the waist, and wear a bodysuit underneath if you'll be spinning on the dance floor. Geometric designs are just perfect, but you can easily wear ones in a complexion-flattering solid if you pump it up with the right accessories. Bright pink, aqua blue, lime green, and purple are just a few options out there for the disco dresser.

Funky Platforms and Wedges

Heels are essential for a disco gals of any age. If you normally wear flats or kitten heels when you go out dancing, now is the time to step up your game. Practice dancing in your highest heels at home before you pair your denim and stretch skirts with the highest heels of all. You can find shoes with a high front platform to balance out towering heels in the back, or cork wedges.