Colorful 2019 Bridesmaid Dresses

Colorful 2019 Bridesmaid Halter Dress After choosing your bridal gown the most important and probably one of the most difficult decisions you'll have to make is choosing the bridesmaids dresses. Your wedding party girls come in different shapes and sizes. What looks great on one looks not so great on the other. Since your bridal party attendants will most likely be paying for their own dresses, choose styles and fabrics they can wear again.

2019 Styles

One of the easiest styles for almost anyone to wear is an A line which is narrower at the shoulders, skims the body, and is wider at the floor. Most figure flaws are hidden when the dress is made with a fluid fabric.

Another dress that flatters most wearers is the slip dress. Keep embellishments in the accessories and these two styles are currently fashionable and most probably will be in the future. Both of these styles can be hemmed to cocktail length without ruining the lines for wearing later.

Strapless dresses are the rage right now, but are not easy for everyone to wear. Both small and full figured women do not look their very best in a strapless style. A draped neckline on a sleeveless dress gives the same impression as a strapless dress but is more forgiving.

Keep comfort in mind. The average wedding ceremony, travel to and from, and the reception lasts about five hours. That's a long time to be stuck in a dress that pinches, irritates, or just does not feel right.

Hot Bridesmaid Dress 2019 If you are lucky your bridesmaids have all agreed that the style you have chosen, or that they have convinced you to choose, looks good on them. What may be the stumbling block is the color. One color may not work for all of your bridesmaids. The solution is a color run: The same dress in various colors.

One alternative is to keep the color palette all in the same family say pastels, deep jewel tones, or various shades of a color, say pinks. If certain colors are just not acceptable to you make sure your bridesmaids know that when they order. Or have them select the color in the bridal salon for your approval.

Same Color Different Dress

When the bridesmaids have wildly different figures, one is tall, one is short, one full figured, one thin and so forth, there may be no one style of dress that looks good on all of them. There is a solution and that is for you to choose the color and fabric and for each bridesmaid to choose the style of the dress. It is okay for you to lay down some ground rules such as no ball gown styles, dresses must have sleeves, or no embellishments such as embroidery, sequins, or crystals. The same dress different color also allows bridesmaids on a tighter budget to choose a dress that matches the others but is less expensive. Again ordering all the dresses at one sitting may save future problems. And you'll know that each dress has actually been ordered.

Best Green Bridesmaid Dress 2019

Two Piece (and we're not talking bathing suits)

The latest fashion trend in bridesmaid dresses is two pieces or separates. The top and skirt are chosen and fitted separately. For example: narrow hipped but full figured women can choose a size 8 for the skirt and size 12 for the top. Other alternatives include choosing the same skirt style but allowing each bridesmaid to choose the blouse or top of her dress.

Most brides choose two colors for their wedding. Those colors can be combined in the bridesmaid dresses. Or a light and dark shade of the same color can be chosen. If purple is your color the colors could be a deep rich amethyst and lighter lavender. The dark color would hide figures flaws and the light color accentuates positive attributes. Sashes, different necklines, and sleeve choices allow your bridesmaids to choose dresses that make each of them look terrific.

Blue 2019 Bridesmaid Dress

Tying the Knot at the Top

A fashion innovation is the Six Ways to Tie the Knot Top. It is pure genius. The top can be tied as a halter, off one shoulder, cap sleeve look, strapless, under the bust line for an empire effect, and wrapped around the bodice. Each member of your wedding party will look coordinated and show off her figure at the same time.

Different Dresses Or All The Same

Selecting the attire for your wedding party can be fun for both you and your bridesmaids. Don't get stuck in the old fashioned rut that every bridesmaid has to look alike. A little creativity will add to the festivities.