Pastel Cardigans 2019 - Chic Cardigans for Winter Months

Pastel Cardigans for Winter 2020 Think of cardigans and many associate these with older women and not chic style! However, this season many of the top fashion designers have used pastel coloured cardigans teamed with sheer fabric dresses and skirts for a stunning and very feminine and elegant style.

Pastel shades are ideal for wearing with floral prints and offer a great shades for women who prefer not to wear bold and vibrant colours. As this season is all about returning to femininity cardigans which are left unfastened and worn with a contrasting coloured belt are the perfect solution for looking good and keeping warm!

If you prefer not too wear a cardigan and yet need a little something to pop on on chilly evenings shrugs are also very fashionable this season. Opt for a crochet style which fits neatly over the bust as a great way to add shape and add interest to the top half of your body.

Shrugs are also ideal for women who don't like to expose their upper arms, make sure you choose a shrug with loose fitting three quarter length or cap sleeves so as not to make the upper arms appear large. Wear chunky bangles to draw attention away from the top of the arms.

Both cardigans and shrugs are ideal for women of all ages. Choose styles which compliment your body shape. If you have a short body give the illusion of more length with longer styles. Ladies who have large hips should choose styles which do not have hem lines which sit on the hips as the sleekness of the cardigan can be distorted.

Pastel Cardigans 2020 For a trendy look which can be worn with both skirts, trousers and jeans is to push the sleeves up to just below the elbow. This will not only add a chic elegance it also enables bangles to be exposed and shown off!

Pretty summer pastels such a soft pink, powder or duck egg blue and pastel greens are ideal for wearing with white or those which have a creamy coloured background to the print.

If you are wearing a pretty floral skirt select an accent colour from one of the flowers or a green which blends with any foliage and then select a contrasting colour, which is also seen on the fabric, for a thin belt.

Adding a belt is a great way to give shape by separating the body and defining waist lines. Ideally shoes or sandals the same colour as the belt will add elegance and turn heads!

One of the biggest problems with many women's choice of clothes is the inability to choose colours which team together well! Using the colour hues included in a printed fabric is a great way to show that you have both style and 'dress sense'! Unless of course you are deliberately going for the clash of bright colours which is another big style trend for this season!

Whatever plus size fashion style you are going for make sure it works for you! It's much nicer being thought of as a women who knows what to wear rather than being regarded as someone who merely cobbles clothes together in a hap hazard way!