Brazilian Bikini 2019 - String Sexy Bikini

Hot sexy Strings bikini 2019 In a land that worships the sun, the Brazilian bikini is cut down to the bare minimum for maximum exposure in every sense of the word.

About the Brazilian Bikini 2019

If you think a string bikini is revealing, just wait until you take a look at the Brazilian bikini.

Take the average tiny American string bikini, cut off that extra two-inches of excess fabric around the edges, and you'll have a working idea of what a Brazilian bikini is all about. These suits are cut far more daringly than many women in the Northern Hemisphere might usually consider wearing, even in sunny California.

After size, the second most striking feature of Brazilian bikinis are the wonderful colors and patterns of the materials used that serve as the perfect compliment for all those rich golden tans so prized on South American beaches.


The Brazilian bottom piece is cut very high on the hips, and it barely has enough Lycra to fully cover the pelvic bone. When it comes to really daring, it's the rear that shows how serious Brazilians are about tanning.

Bottom piece backsides come in three degrees of exposure:

A Tanga will leave about a half-moon exposed on either side of the suit's outer seams.

The Asa Delta is even more revealing and slightly wider than it's close Northern cousin, the thong.

The Fio Dental is comparable to a strategically placed piece of dental floss. 2019 Brazilian hot sexy girls bikini


Top styles come in:

Triangle - Two triangle patches of fabric that are usually held in place with a set of string ties that reach around the back and neck

Halter - Similar to the triangle style, with slightly more material used

Bandeau - A sort of snug, minimal tube top, with or without center strings to tie behind the neck

As you may surmise, very little is left to the imagination. Due to the small amount of material involved, women who usually wear a C-cup or larger may need to pick a bikini top in a larger size than the corresponding bottom piece.

Finding Your Size

The sizing of Brazilian bikinis 2019 runs a bit smaller than in North America, generally because South American women tend to have a smaller build than their North American counterparts. This means that if you would normally wear a Medium in the USA or Canada, you'll likely find a Grande a better fit by Brazilian sizing standards unless the company you are purchasing from re-sizes their imported suits according to North American sizing charts.

Brazilian Bikini Wax

No discussion of Brazilian bikinis can be complete without an explanation of the Brazilian bikini wax. Since so much extra body area is revealed in the nether regions, hair removal becomes necessary in places you may have never considered before.

Warm wax is used to remove most of the hair from the private regions which are more exposed than ever when wearing a Brazilian suit. The process is thorough, fast and painful, but when it's finished, you're as smooth as a baby's bottom. What little hair remains is neatly trimmed, and talcum powder is applied to help sooth the resulting sting which fades within about 24 hours. One waxing will last for approximately three weeks.

UV Warning

Protecting yourself from too much sun exposure is important for everyone, but even more so when you are baring areas that have never been exposed to so much daylight before. If you're going to wear a Brazilian, be sure to purchase sunscreen with the highest SPF available, and apply it generously and often to avoid serious burns.

Would every woman feel comfortable in a Brazilian style swimsuit? Not likely, but for those who have the confidence and sense of adventure it takes to wear one, these suits from the Southern Hemisphere can inspire an exhilarating sense of liberation.