Billabong Pretty Bikinis 2019 - Practical and Sexy Bikinis

Billabong Bikinis 2019 Practical and pretty, sassy and snug and swim-ready, Billabong bikinis bring a fun touch of the "land down under" to a day at the beach. As summer approaches and the dreaded task of swimsuit shopping gets closer, this lively brand of sporty but sexy swimwear is definitely worth trying on.
Billabong Bikinis 2019

Nothing Stagnant About Billabong Bikinis!

An Australian word meaning a stagnant pool or backwater, the name Billabong has been associated with nothing but activity since 1973 when its founder developed board shorts for surfers that would stand up not just to the rough Australian elements, but to the pounding the clothes got from the surfers themselves. The high quality of the fabric and unique triple-stitching design, as well as the great prints, soon lent themselves to ladies' swimwear, and Billabong bikinis are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Form and Function

Staying true to its history of practicality, Billabong assures its bikinis are durable and snug. They want a woman to feel confident swimming, surfing or playing beach volleyball. Although the suits look skimpy, they're carefully designed to accommodate an actual woman's body, as opposed to that of a tiny teenager. Not that the suits aren't hugely popular amongst teens, but if you are looking for something that covers and keeps you covered while still looking fantastic, a Billabong bikini is a good bet.

The fabric also dries quickly, which is especially nice in the late afternoon when the sun's starting to go down and you need to get ready to leave the beach. The memories of a nice day can dim quickly when you're sitting in a damp swimsuit.

2019 billabong plaid bottom bikini

2016. Two Pieces: Many Styles

There's no end to the variety in the Billabong line. Most of the tops are the flattering and functional halters and feature removable side cups that come in handy if you are just lounging and want a bit of padding to perk things up. Many of the tops are also reversible, so for those who feel that spending around $75 for a bikini is not in the budget, it's like getting two good suits for the price of one.

The bottoms range from adjustable string panties to the comfortable and flattering boy shorts. The latter are especially good for active wear, but don't worry that something skimpier won't hold up to running and swimming. Many women swear by Billabong bikini bottoms, noting that they contour and flatter that tricky part of the body. Not only that, but they stay nicely in place without constant, embarrassing adjustments.

Billabong bikini tops and bottoms can also be bought separately, which allows maximum flexibility in choosing your perfect swimsuit. There's no reason not to be bold and select two different prints, so long as they have a matching base color. In the same way that every body is unique, every swimsuit can be unique as well.

Making Waves

Billabong's inventiveness with fabric and design has won it praise and admirers, but it's also led to a bit of hot water. Rock legend Peter Frampton sued the company in 2004 for selling a '70s-inspired bikini that featured his face on the rear and read: "Baby, I love your waves". The rocker claimed was an obvious reference to his 1975 hit, Baby, I Love Your Way.

On a happier note, the company maintains its surf roots, sponsoring surfing events and individual surfers around the world. Billabong also has a division called Design for Humanity, which organizes fundraisers for assorted charities.

2019 If You Want It, Have It!

The fun and flirty styles of Billabong bikinis are reflected in their one-pieces as well, but don't shy away from a lively bikini because you think your body isn't in condition for a two-piece. Most women don't look like supermodels and the more real bodies on the beach, the better. If you see a print you adore, ignore flab and stretch marks, just buy the suit and wear it with pride!