Belly Button Rings 2019 for Hot and Sexy Belly

2019 Belly Button Rings for Hot and Sexy Belly If you need to be spunky or just need a new look to your style and personality then you can try out Belly Button Rings. These belly rings are today recognized as the most special kind of jewelry by several women who prefer wearing fancy tube tops or dresses which expose their belly. Naval piercing can be preferred by women who like exposing bellies and look attractive. You can find a huge range of attractive belly button rings in the market which can be complimented with any dress or top you have.

The most interesting thing is that belly button rings can be preferred for hot and sexy look. Some of the most commonly used belly button rings or jewelry include barbells which are rings studded with different stone colors. These rings are considered as the best option by women who need to get a fashionable and sexy personality. Conventionally these naval rings were mainly used as a bravery symbol or to show their status in the society, but today you can find several celebrities and sports icons wearing naval rings as a style statement.

However when it comes to purchasing these rings, you can find several local shops or even retain stores that include a good collection of this jewelry. The internet has a huge collection of this jewelry in different materials like titanium, gold and silver. You can even find rings Eyebrow Piercings for which the most looked upon rings are the Circular Barbell that are again available in different types and shapes.

womens belly button rings 2019 From traditional, custom and ritual body piercing, today boys and girls are trying to glide with the latest fashion trends, by piercing different unlikely parts of the body and wearing body part jewelries. Another reason, which has urged these people to wear body piercing jewelries, lies with the celebrities, models, sportsman, film and rock stars, who sports these body piercing jewelries and average onlookers also tries to match them by wearing similar jewelries.

Even, Internet and media has a hand in popularizing these jewelries, as once new design and product is launched, it is immediately flashed out worldwide through these channels. The manufactures, designers and craftsman also cash in with the popularity trend and make innovative and creative pieces of body part jewelries for the international customers.

Previously gold, silver, gem and jewel were mostly used for making these jewelries but, today numerous types of materials such as, Gold, Silver, Gold Plated, White Metal, Surgical Steel, Titanium Anodized, Titanium, Acrylic UV, PTFE, Bio Flex, Gem, Jeweled, Stones and other various materials are utilized for designing and manufacturing beautiful body part jewelry pieces.
womens 2019 belly button rings The most popular body piercing jewelries wore by the style crazy boys and girls, can be summed up as follows:


Barbells are straight bar, where both ends have beads of interchangeable or fixed colorful beads, made from Acrylic UV, SG steel, Gold, Titanium Anodized, PTFE, Bio Flex or other materials. Barbells are mostly wore for tongue piercing and comes in different designs, types, styles and varieties, such as logo, gem, acrylic ball, sign, skull, butterfly, heart and so.

Belly Button Rings

Belly Button rings are wore on open Navel space and comes in shapes as dangle, non dangle, reverse and spiral. These Belly rings have numerous shapes and designs and are made from Acrylic UV, SG steel, Gold, Silver Titanium Anodized, PTFE and Bio Flex, and laden with gem, stone and jewel.
hot sexy womens belly button rings 2019

Curved Eye Brow Rings

Curved Eye Brow Rings are also made like barbells, but they are curved instead of straight. Both ends have spike or UV balls, which are made from numerous materials such as Bio-Plast, SG Steel, Gold, and so on. They are also known as Banana Barbells, due to their curving for piercing on the eyebrow. They are also used as Navel piercing rings.

Nipple Rings

Nipple Rings and shields are worn on Nipples and are made from gold plated, surgical steels, Rhodium plated, Acrylic UV and so on. They come in numerous shapes and design as, dangling, chains, chandeliers and interchangeable UV balls, figures, gems and jeweled. Labrets, Monroes, and Lippy Loops.
womens belly button rings 2019 - Labrets have flat base and a threaded or plain stem protrudes from there for piercing and, other end has removable threaded or plain ball or stud. Labrets are worn on the lips or tongues.
- Monroe is worn on the off center of the upper lip, to give it beauty mark.
- Loops are similar to chin labrets and hang on lip or on ear piercing.

Captive Bead Rings and Hoops

Captive Bead Rings and Hoops are circular in shape, where one end of the wire is slightly curved to hook at the tiny loop at the other end. Other designs includes, single bead in one end to hide the joining or double beads on both end to spring pressure catch on the ears. The beads are interchangeable and can be changed as per wearers wish.