Barely String Bikini 2019-Incredibly Sexy Bikini

2019 Liquid metal bikini

A Barely String Bikini Looks Great

A barely string bikini looks fabulous on the body, mostly because the strings themselves appear so delicate against the natural look of the skin. To be sure, these barely string bikinis are sexy, but they can also appear rather playful. Unlike some of their more erotic counterparts like peekaboo cuts, or slingshot bikinis, string bikinis don’t scream for attention; they simply command it.

Of course, the point of wearing the tiniest of string bikinis is is to show off your best assets, so make sure you spend some time toning your body during the off season so you'll be ready when swimsuit season rolls around again.

Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal is the first category of string bikinis we will look at. In this category, you can find:

Liquid Metal Sexy Bottom Bikini

Liquid Metal Malibu Micro Bikini

Liquid metal bikini

What makes this string bikini so darn irresistible is it’s alluring, almost metal-like bottom. Imagine someone came along and poured a hot pink liquid on your body and then it dried to perfection in the sun. That’s exactly the feeling this bikini invokes. It literally fits every one of your curves to perfection.

Liquid Metal Malibu Micro Bikini

Not only is this suit in the hotter than hot Liquid Metal category, but it features an open triangle bottom. In case you haven't seen this style before, picture a tiny triangle-back Brazilian bikini bottom and reduce that triangle to nothing more than a string outline. Now that's bringing sexy back!

The bikini top of the suit features a tie around the neck and back. It cannot be overstated that this stunning liquid metal fabric fits like a second skin.

Liquid Metal Malibu Micro Bikini

This suit is a true string bikini. The top is done in a liquid metal fabric to convey shine and movement, while the back bottom of the suit is literally a string back.