Art Deco Jewelry 2019 - Art Deco Chevron Necklace and Earrings Ensemble

Art Deco Jewelry 2019
The trends for the upcoming months include classic black dresses, lots of ruffles, lace and pleats and jackets that lend themselves to scarves, pins and the like. How fitting that art deco jewelry is also experiencing a new wave of popularity, although it never actually goes out of style. That is merely one of the reasons an art deco purchase is one that will compliment your wardrobe for many years to come, and it can also be easy on your budget as you can invent new ways to wear it over the years. Here are my picks for art deco items that are beautiful and won’t break the bank.

Art Deco Chevron Necklace and Earrings Ensemble

This art deco necklace and earring set features classic chevron styling. Faux marcasite and ebony glass jewels make it perfect for dressy or casual wear. Wear it with a black dress and heels or with jeans and a sweater set. Wear both together or break them up to get miles for style for your money.

Art Deco Costume Rings

These art deco rings are a fabulous find. These replicas of rings worn by socialites in the twentieth century are fun and flirty, and will easily match all your outfits. In marcasite and crystal designs, the rings are adjustable so one size fits all.

Sterling Silver Gold Plated CZ Art Deco Bracelet

Behold this stunning art deco bracelet! This can be worn alone or with other skinny bangles for a modern look. Multiple bracelets always look fresh and fun and by adding this at deco piece to your bangles you’ll have a look all your own!

Xavier Absolute 1.1ct Rectangle Sterling Silver Pendant

I love the fact that this sterling silver pendant looks like something my grandmothers would’ve worn. For me vintage and art deco styles are classic and pair so well with the frilly looks that are popular this fall. This is a great buy as well.

Joan Rivers Hand Enameled Flower Pin

The lovely flower pin is on this pin will look great on a cardigan or pinned to the belt loop of your jeans! You can also attached to a handbag, on the strap on a pocket. The pave center is gorgeous.

Islid Aqua Art Deco Earrings

Boasting gorgeous aqua Swarovski Austrian crystals, these art deco inspired earrings are a great addition to any jewelry collection. The color of the stones is like ocean water and they will be the crowning touch on any outfit. Consider wearing your hair pulled back to show off these stunners.