Alexa Mulberry Satchels 2019 - Fabulous and Amazing Handbags

2019 Alexa Mulberry Satchels - Fabulous and Amazing Handbags It’s funny how women usually don’t stop at just one “it” bag in their wardrobe, constantly wishing for more and more iconic pieces. Shoes, handbags, accessories, outfit and everything else that comes with it – these are all a woman’s essentials. That’s why a Mulberry Alexa satchel is clearly in the top of any decent wish list.

Who wouldn’t like a vibrant in a bold color? Add to all the famous signature of Mulberry, and you’ll have the perfect bag. The Alexa satchels look amazing, and, plus, even their name is fashionable, as they are named after London-based star Alexa Chung.

It is rarely that a contemporary person would inspire an iconic bag’s name, and if that already happened, grab one for yourself. Available for $1,150, Mulberry’s Alexa satchels are a sure investment when it comes to fashion.

Made of buffalo leather, the bag has gold tone hardware, a plaited top handle, and a detachable shoulder strap which allows you to carry it in either way you would like it to.

250 The Alexa satchel also includes a twist lock fastening at the front, easy nice going magnetic press-stud fastening buckled tabs, as well as tabs to adjust it, placed at the sides of the bag.

Even the interior of this bag is fabulous, as it’s fully lined with designer-stamped twill. Funny and extremely high functional, Alexa satchel comes in various colors, including butter, blue, purple or oak.