2019 Wool Coats For Cold Winter Months

Wool Coats for Women 2019 The women’s fashion wool coat of today comes in an astounding array of various cuts and styles, so finding the perfect coat for you should be a breeze! About Women’s Fashion Wool coat IN 2019 The women’s fashion wool coat of today is a great choice - it's not only warm, but also very stylish. In fact, there are numerous styles for one to choose from, and all of them offer the most supple of wool; there’s no uncomfortable feeling to be found in the bunch!

2019 Hot Wool Coats for Women

The Different Styles

Here are some of the different styles of fashionable wool coats:

Hooded Wool Coat 2019

While it is possible to see this coat done in a shortened, waist-length style, you’re more apt to see the longer, mid-hip (and longer) version. This is a great coat for anyone that appreciates the convenience of a hood, especially on cold, dreary mornings when you’d rather keep your hands free. Jennifer Lopez’s fashion line, JLo, offers a spectacular take on the hooded wool coat. In J Lo’s universe, the style is made even more fashionable when it’s done as a sexy pea coat.

Curved Seams

The curved-in seam trend is one of the best things to happen to the wool coat because it keeps the coat’s structure, while at the same time allowing for the wearer’s curves. A great example of this design comes from Anne Klein. Several of her wool coats feature this ingenious design.

2019 Belted Coat for Women

The Sculptured Look

This look carries a beautiful shape, and the one offered by Miss Sixty also has cuffed wrists. This coat truly covers all of the fashion bases. First, it offers an attractive hood for additional warmth. Second, the bottom of the coat flares out gently, so that the overall hem almost looks like it’s floating against the shape of the body. Lastly, the coat is belted in the back, hence the overall "sculpted look". This one is a great get.

Belted Coat

Wearing a belted coat is really a matter of personal preference; some folks love it, and others loathe it. No matter where you fall in that spectrum, you’ll appreciate two such standouts; both of which come from Anne Klein and Miss Sixty respectively. The Anne Klein version features a convertible collar and a double breasted wrap style, while the Miss Sixty features and attractive tweed finish. Both looks are incredibly stylish.

A-Line Shapes

Who doesn’t love a classic A-line shaped coat? This cut is universally flattering to most body types; it easily allows the wearer to drop five pounds, without having to move a muscle, almost instantly. If this is the style that calls out to you the most, then famed designer Michael Kors is your man!

Belted Coat for Women 2019

Coats with Accents

As we all know, it takes more than a shape or cut to make a wool coat truly fashionable; there’s also the addition of various accents. These run the gamut form fur-trim, to hardware details, to intricate collars. With coats like these - ones with lots of accents - it’s really best to try them on in person.

That’s because details like these wear so differently from person to person. Some ladies look absolutely stunning in fur-lined coats, while others, well, don’t. Take heart though. No matter what the body type or the personality, the bottom line is that coats with intricate details need to be purchased in person. Period.

Toggle Designs

This is another style that’s very personal to the wearer; some ladies swear by it, others not so much. If you happen to love this look then Michael Kors’s Women’s Hooded Toggle Coat may be the perfect one! What you’ll especially love about this coat is its simple design, large over sized pockets, and roomy interior.