Micro Mini Skirts 2019 - Perfect, Form Fitting, Mini Skirts Style Secrets

hot sexy micro mini skirts 2019 You not only need to have legs up to there to pull off micro mini skirts, but you also may need a lot of fashion bravery as well. Face it -- any item of clothing this tiny isn't for the faint of heart. It's also not for every age group. Women who look best in this skirt style have model-long legs and are in a younger demographic.

What Makes it a Micro Mini

Many people are familiar with mini skirts and know that they fall above the knees. Mini skirts can range from right above the knee to several inches above it, but micro minis are another item altogether. They not only expose the knees, but almost all of the thighs. Extreme micro mini skirts fall just an inch or two below the groin area.

Wearing Micro Mini Skirts in 2019

So you're young, you're on the slender side and you have legs that attract attention. One sure way to make sure you're noticed is to wear something that shows your legs off to best advantage. What do you need to do and wear to make sure your micro mini calls the right kind of attention to it and you?

- Wear it at the right time and place. The right place is not the office, church or a wedding. Many companies have dress codes and chances are, any skirt that not only shows your knees but much of your thighs won't be allowed. Nightclubs, parties and anywhere you want to be the center of attention are appropriate places to wear this most daring of mini skirts.

hot ultra micro mini skirts 2019 - Wear it appropriately. If you pair your micro mini with a spaghetti strap cropped top and mile-high stilettos, plus a heavy dose of makeup, people may mistake your intentions. If you wear such a short skirt to a nightclub, don't be surprised if guys hit on you. If that's what you want, that's fine, but if you're not seeking unwanted attention, make the rest of your outfit a little less attention-getting.

- Pair it with the right shoes. While high heels and mini skirts go together like rock stars and groupies, you don't always have to wear stilettos with your micro mini if you don't want to. A micro mini skirt can have a very casual look to it if you pair a denim skirt with a modest tee shirt and cute sneakers.

- You can still wear it modestly. So you still want to show some leg, but you don't want to look tacky or cheap. You can pair a black micro mini with opaque black tights and knee-high boots and a dark turtleneck for a sophisticated Fall ensemble.

- Remember your height. The taller you are, the shorter your micro mini will look. Unless you want to look as if you left home in nothing but a shirt, make sure your skirt falls to a comfortable length for you. Taller women can buy skirts in a nine to eleven inch range, while shorter women can still get a micro mini look in a skirt that's around seven inches in length.

- If you drop it, leave it. There's no bending over in a micro mini, unless you want everyone around you to know exactly what your underwear looks like. If you drop something, you'll have to bend at your knees while keeping your waist and back straight. Or you can always see if a friend can help you out.

- Practice things you may take for granted. It's easy to get in and out of a car when you're wearing pants. It's also easy to sit with your legs apart in slacks without worry of showing anything you don't want anyone to see. In a micro mini, that's all different. If you're not used to sitting with your knees together, you'll have to practice until it's second nature. The same goes for getting in and out of a car. Instead of placing one leg in and out before following with your body, you'll have to sit in the car seat first, legs outside, before swinging them in.