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You may not be able to visit an expensive salon, but you can take advantage of these styling tips from some top hair stylists.

Create Soft Waves – Blow dry your hair straight. Spray Evian (or other bottled water) on hair with a pressurized spray bottle. Let hair dry naturally.

Quick Wavy Look Tip #1 – Part your hair on the sides and loosely braid the pieces that frame your face. Blow dry these pieces for a few minutes. Let your hair cool down before unbraiding it. Results: Your hair will be straight at the top and wavy on the bottom.

Quick Wavy Look Tip #2 – Part your hair into 1-inch sections. Roll sections up into pin curls and secure with hair clips or bobby pins. Put your shower cap on and jump into the shower. The steam will set your hair as you shower. Remove the cap afterwards. Take the clips out of your hair and shake your now wavy hair out.

Elegant Updo Tip #1 – Tease your hair lightly at the crown before pulling it into a French Twist. This creates more fullness.

elegant updo by Natallie Portman 2019 Elegant Updo Tip #2 – Add a few drops of shine serum product before twisting hair into place to give your updo a polished look.

Hair Coloring Tip – Keep hair that’s been color-treated healthy by immediately applying a professional deep conditioner after hair has been dyed. This adds moisture and protects your hair from being over processed.

Best Blow Dryer - Invest in a blow dryer that has a nozzle to control air flow and a diffuser for curly styles.

Ionic Hair Products – Use an ionic blow dryer and iron because they lock in moisture. Hair becomes shinier and easier to manage.

Updated Hot Rollers – Battery operated hot rollers are great for curly hair styles and, best of all, they're portable.

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How to Style Hair

Don't you just love it when your hair stylist teaches you a how-to-style hair trick that you just know you'll use for the rest of your life? Here we've compiled 13 hair styling secrets to sexy hair that we learned from years of talking to stylists and compiling style secrets from magazines.

How to Style Hair Secret #1:
Yes, you can shampoo daily Shampoos these days are gentle enough to be used daily, it's the blowdryers, flatirons and curling irons that do the most damage. So if you have super oily hair, go ahead and shampoo daily. Just try to let hair air-dry or go easy on the heat products.

How to Style Hair Secret #2:
Dirty hair is easier to style Chances are you've heard the hair styling secret that dirty hair is easier to style. Well it's true. Stylists prefer if you don't wash hair the morning of an updo. And don't be surprised if they sprinkle a bit of baby powder or dry shampoo on your hair. These help create the perfect texture for an updo.

How to Style Hair Secret #3:
Get runway hair with Velcro rollers Runway stylists know the simplest, non-fussy way to get hair to roll properly is to curl it with a curling iron first. First, spritz dry hair with a styling spray (we like TRESemme Instant Heat Tamer Styling Spray), then use a medium curling iron to curl 2-inch sections of hair before rolling hair in Velcro rollers. The new curl simply takes best to the Velcro.

How to Style Hair Secret #4:
Want Sexy, Messy, "Just Off the Beach" Waves? The secret is sea salt spray. We once dropped by one of Manhattan's hottest salons to check in on the new perming trend. We wanted carefree, loose waves and we were wondering if they did them there via the perming process. No can do, said the girl at the front desk, who just happened to have the hair we wanted. "Do you happen to perm your hair?" We asked, oh-so-delicately. She smiled and leaned to tell us a little secret. "Nope, I use sea salt. And I make it myself." You too can make a spray using a bottle, several tablespoons of sea salt and water. But if you want to buy it yourself, we recommend our favorite sea salt spray, Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray.

hair coloring techniques 2019 So skip the perm and first try spritzing sea salt on damp hair, scrunching hair and letting airdry. Since most hair has some sort of natural wave, the sea salt naturally enhances it.

How to Style Hair Secret #5:
Don't bring out the brush too soon When blowdrying hair, separate tangles with fingers until hair is about 80 percent dry then try brushing. You want to make sure your fingers glide through hair effortlessly before introducing a brush to wet or even damp hair.

How to Style Hair Secret #6:
Bangs are hot, just make sure you get the right bangs We love the look of thick, heavy bangs and side-swept bangs. Just avoid the thin, wispy, all-one-length bangs; it will make your face look "boxy" and dated. A very hot look right now are thick bangs paired with long, wavy layers. Sexy. Especially with perfect highlights. Not ready for the thick bangs? Try side-swept bangs paired with long layers. Layering hair with bangs works best because it's less boxy while allowing your hair to grow out without looking too extreme if you decide to grow out the trend.

Yes, you can go blonde or red Some skin types work best with colors than others. Most olive-skinned women (think Jennifer Lopez or Linda Evangelista) can get away with any hair color: Blonde, black, brunette and even red. Women with pink tones have a harder time and can't get too drastic. But believe it or not, pink skin tones tend to work well with red hair color. As for going blonde, if you were fairly blonde-ish as a child in the summer, then you are a good candidate for going blonde as an adult. But olive-skinned girls with black or brown hair can look great blonde, too. Have a stylist help pick the right tone for you.

How to Style Hair Secret #8:
Don't go long and blah You know the look: Hair that's gone just a little too long, has no style and is just plain, well, blah. We've all been there (I was there earlier today until I visited my stylist Antonio at Eva Scrivo Salon in NYC). What this hairstyle says to the world is "I am low-maintenance and can't be bothered with regular salon visits." This is fine if you aren't interested in making an impression on anybody and feeling fabulous. But it isn't sexy. Cut in some layers, add some bangs, get some highlights. Just get yourself to a salon, pronto.

LONG SEXY SUMMER HAIR STYLES 2019 How to Style Hair Secret #9:
The secret to "piece-y" hair You know the look you're going for. That long, wavy hair where the waves seem to fall in pieces. Some stylists swear it's in the cut. It most definitely is, but you also need the right product. To get the "piece-y" look, you want long layers: Hair that's just one length simply won't do. Your stylist will also want to lighten the thickness of hair by texturizing, this basically lightens the load and gives hair needed body. Texturizing also gives hair thickness at the roots, allowing it to fall in sexy, soft waves. Once you have the perfect cut, however, don't forget the product. A good pomade run through hair helps separate pieces. We like Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy Pomade. But almost every haircare brand will have a nice pomade.

Hair Styling Secret #10:
Buns are cool, just keep them loose Updos aren't just for prom, New Years and Lois Lane. A loose, casual updo is a quick way to look pulled together. Simply finger-comb hair into a low, disheveled bun or knot and attach with a ponytail holder and bobby pins. And please, leave the tight, ballerina 'do for the dancers.

Paris Hilton sexy short hairstyle 2019 Hair Styling Secret #11:
A temporary end to frayed ends . When suffering from the nasty frayed endsies, hairstylist Rodney Groves spreads Kerastase Serum Nutri-Sculpt (a leave-in treatment) through dry hair, then blasts ends with a blow dryer. We recommend you put this product on your list & keep it around for those moments before every hair cut when we need help (and fast!)

Hair Styling Secret #12:
Don't wait too long before color touch-ups If you get your color touched up on a regular basis (about every 28 days) you may actually keep your hair from unnecessary damage. Not waiting too long means your stylist won't have to dye your whole head due to color fading. In the meantime, cover up roots with a home hair-color kit. Although there are great root touch-up kits out there, a regular dye kit will do you. And don't worry about perfectly matching, it's likely not going to happen on a salon dye job & no one will notice. Swap out the brush that comes in the kit & instead use a clean mascara wand (you can get these at any drugstore).

Hair Styling Secret #13:
Shiny hair doesn't have to be genetic Stylist know the secret to sheen is to spritz or add a couple drops of shine serum.

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