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Creating Multiple Ponytails 2019 - Elegant Long Hairstyles

Selena Gomez Side Ponytail Hairstyles 2019 Compared to short hair, long hair is more in demand and vogue. The lucky ones, who have long hair, have the advantage of doing wonders with their hair in absolutely no time!

What you need for creating multiple ponytails:

(1) Shine products or hair spray.
(2) Hair wax or grease
(3) Hairbrush preferably of boar’s head
(4) Hair decorations or jewelry
(5) Hair bungees or elastic bands

Sexy Side-ponytail Hairstyle for 2019 Procedure:

- Brush the hair until it is smoothed and detangled.

- Pick all the hair from ear tops to forehead, separate it into three equal sections, to make three base ponytails.

- Brush each of the ponytails back into another mini-ponytail and tie an elastic band or hair bungee. The elastic should be tight enough to hold the hair in place.