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Best Black Hairstyles 2019

Tyra Banks Black African American Hairstyles 2019 It seems as if every time you open a Black Hair magazine Halle Berry or Tyra Banks is on the cover with a new hair style. How can they constantly change their look? It’s the versatility of Black hair, virtually any hairstyle is possible so long as your hairdresser understands the basics of Black hair care and has experience working with a wide range of different Black hair styles.

Changing your look?
If you’re thinking of changing your look make sure you know your own hair before you cut, style, or process it - work with your hair, not against it. You could choose the hottest new hair style, pay good money to have it done, and then find it doesn’t suit you and worse it has ruined the condition of your hair. Does this sound familiar?

Talk to your stylist
Go to a black hair salon or find a hairdresser who specializes in Black hair. Before you decide on any cut, have your hairdresser take a good look at your hair - its growth pattern, its condition, the condition of your scalp. Bring up any concerns you have about your hair and the type of look you’re hoping for. After this conversation your hairdresser should be in a good position to suggest the perfect hair style for you.

Halle Berry 2019 red carpet Consider your face shape
When contemplating a new hair style the shape of your face is an important consideration. You could pick a beautiful new look then find the style looks horrible on you because it doesn’t quite fit the shape of your face. Some hair styles will simply not look good on certain faces.

African American Hairstyles 2019 Half Updo Long Natural Hairstyles For Black Women Here are a few pointers:

- - a hair style that is highly textured and has soft edges will work best on your face. Also, because this shape of face tends to feature a prominent and angular jaw, you will want to have your hair in longer layers.
- Round face – try and de-emphasize that roundness. People with round faces tend to have very wide cheekbones. By styling the hair towards the face and adding volume to the bangs (fringe), you will achieve a better balance.
- Heart shaped face - will look best with chin level hair. This shape of face will also look good with bangs if the hair is short as it will minimize the forehead.
- Triangular face - look for a hair styles that provide volume in the crown. This helps the face look larger and more even.
- Oval face - you are one of the lucky ones! Because your features are even virtually any hair style will look good.

Armed with all this information and a skilled hairdresser, you are certain to select the perfect new hair style for you. Now you can confidently choose a cut from any magazine, bring it to your stylist, and get that glamorous new look you desire!